OneTrust Awareness Training now offers a newly developed course designed specifically for promoting a fundamental understanding of the key privacy concepts that are relevant to the financial sector and across all functions of the business. The new course, Privacy Essentials in the Financial Sector, covers concepts, such as the definition of personal data, applicable data protection laws from multiple jurisdictions, and the lifecycle of data, that can help build the foundations of a privacy-first culture.

Massive quantities of sensitive personal data are handled on a daily basis across the financial sector, be it insurance, personal banking, credit reporting, or any number of the services offered. For those working in financial services navigating a large number of security regulations, may seem complicated enough but, when added to the equation, data privacy laws add an additional layer of possible confusion to employees in this field. Recent regulatory action has proven that non-compliance and bad practices can be costly to the business not only in terms of monetary fines but also with a loss of customer trust. Therefore, equipping your staff from the ground up with the appropriate knowledge to help avoid these sanctions should be seen as a must for any financial organization.

Privacy Essentials in the Financial Sector becomes the latest addition to OneTrust Awareness Training. The course library boasts over 30 role-based privacy training courses, available in over 30 languages. Joining the recently added Data Subject Rights for Customer Service Employees course, OneTrust Awareness training offers courses for all areas of the business with content continually updated thanks to OneTrust DataGuidance Regulatory Research, to make sure your training is up to date with the ever-evolving privacy landscape.

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