OneTrust’s PrivacyConnect online just got bigger! We have added another 200 online events across our 100 PrivacyConnect Chapters. Privacy and security professionals around the world can join these events to gain insight into the latest regulatory developments, learn best practices for implementing compliance programs, and connect with other professionals in the area.


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What is PrivacyConnect Online?

We’ve added another 200 free events to the PrivacyConnect Online series, to bring together communities of professionals to discuss the top issues facing privacy and security professionals today, including the CCPA, GDPR, LGPD, and more. PrivacyConnect events bring together privacy and security professionals to keep up to date on the latest developments and best practices in the industry. This expanded series will cover new approaches to data transfers, vendor risk management, ISO 27001CCPA, GDPR, and much more!

PrivacyConnect is all about being able to network and share experiences. So, events will include region-specific content led by local PrivacyConnect Chapter Chairs. Chairs may host a panel featuring local privacy experts or share insight on the latest news and guidance in your city. These events offer attendees the opportunity to ask questions about the issues they find most pressing in the privacy and security industry.

PrivacyConnect: Bringing Together the Privacy and Security Community

We want to bring together local communities of privacy and security professionals, so all 100 PrivacyConnect Chapters have their own Linkedin community. These Linkedin groups bring together professionals in the community to share thoughts and discuss hot topics both during PrivacyConnect events and throughout the year. These groups will play host to discussions and polls that will shape our live PrivacyConnect events, to help get your questions answered.

Which PrivacyConnect Event is for You?

With 200 additional events added, PrivacyConnect Online has something for everyone. The series also includes a range of other events, including:

  • CookieConnect: With a focus on regional cookie guidance, these sessions will share best practices, including a walkthrough of both “good” and “bad” cookie banners, to help your cookie compliance program.
  • CCPAConnect: Ensure you are up to date with the latest on the CCPA and the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) with these California focused events.
  • LGPDConnect: Join one of these sessions to learn more about the latest updates on the LGPD, and hear local experts talk about their experiences on a range of topics, including data mapping, assessments and risk, data subject rights, and more.
  • IndustryConnect: Hear from experts as they share their experiences and best practices on the most pressing questions in your industry.

Sign up for one – or all! – of the events to hear about the latest regulatory developments and best practices. Or check out our other series, VendorRiskConnect, MarketingConnect, PublisherConnect, and more!

Find your chapter and register for a PrivacyConnect Online event today