OneTrust is building the trust platform and building trust means earning trust from our users. We pride ourselves in delivering for our customers and expanding on a customer-led roadmap with releases every three weeks for our 12,000 customers.

That’s why we’re proud to be a leader (again!) based on your G2 reviews in four categories. In the Spring 2022 G2 Report, we’re leading in Data Privacy Management, Third-Party & Supplier Risk Management, GRC Platforms, and Data Mapping.

OneTrust is also proud to be #1 in Data Privacy Management and Third-Party & Supplier Risk Management.

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#1 Data Privacy Management

“The best aspect of OneTrust is its versatility…with OneTrust, I have a tool that’s like a Swiss knife of governance. Without it, one piece of software wouldn’t suffice.”

OneTrust is the #1 most widely used privacy platform, providing organizations the regulatory intelligence, automation, and flexible solutions needed to operationalize privacy programs. Our platform empowers businesses to become more trusted organizations in the eyes of customers, employees, vendors, board, and regulators while complying with hundreds of global privacy laws like the GDPR, CCPA, and LGPD.

#1 in Third-Party & Supplier Risk Management

“Most comprehensive and versatile tool for security, governance, and privacy.”

OneTrust enables both businesses and their third parties with solutions to build mutual trust, including:

  • Third-Party Risk Management for managing the lifecycle and security and privacy risk of third parties;
  • Third-Party Due Diligence for screening third parties for ethical and compliance concerns;
  • Supplier Sustainability & Responsibility for understanding the ESG impact of supply chains;
  • Third-Party Exchange Network for accessing risk data on thousands of participating third parties; and
  • Questionnaire Response Automation for helping third parties automatically respond to security and privacy questionnaires with AI.

Leader in GRC Platforms

“We had a very complex and essential implementation to take care of, and we asked OneTrust to provide us with full availability. They acted both professionally and proactively for the entire duration of the project. Without their availability and having them validating significant steps, we wouldn’t have been able to deliver such a successful integration delivery.”

OneTrust is an integrated risk management platform that delivers a complete, measured view of your business’s risk portfolio, provides clear insights into leadership, and optimizes the execution of routine tasks. Focusing on a user-friendly experience, organizations use OneTrust’s flexible framework to align business operations with standardized risk methodologies.

Leader in Data Mapping Software

OneTrust aides those focusing on privacy objectives with creating and maintaining data inventories by integrating with existing systems and data discovery tools. This platform not only centralizes the information you need regarding locations, processing, and purposes of organizationally held data, it also allows users to visualize the flow of data across organizations and generate compliance reports.

OneTrust strives to keep pace with the swiftly evolving privacy landscape, and we appreciate our customers, partners, investors, and employees for their consistent support and feedback, which helps us continue to grow and innovate for our customers.

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