How the World Manages Third-Party Risks

Eliminate Assessment Spreadsheets

Use the SIG Lite & SIG Core Today with OneTrust Vendor Risk Management

OneTrust has joined forces with Shared Assessments, enabling you to send and report on SIG Lite & SIG Core assessments with easy-to-use risk assessment technology. Instead of struggling with static spreadsheets you can identify, track, and mitigate third-party risks from a central platform purpose-built to help your enterprise meet security and privacy compliance needs. 


A Faster and Simpler Way to Assess Third-Party Risks 

  • Use the SIG Lite, SIG Core and other third-party risk questionnaires 
  • Save time with automated workflows that adapt to your use case 
  • Customize, combine, or use your own vendor risk assessment 
  • Auto-flag relevant risks and auto-assign controls 


Let Us Do the Dirty Work with Vendorpedia & Our Free

Third-Party Chasing Service 

  • Request pre-completed SIG Lite & SIG Core questionnaires 
  • Offload communications with vendors to OneTrust for free 
  • Access detailed security & privacy profiles on 6,500+ global vendors 


Maintain Compliance with Ongoing Third-Party Threat Monitoring  

  • Use the OneTrust rules engine to automate reassessments
  • Receive alerts when third parties make critical changes

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Technology to Power Privacy, Security and Trust

Our modular products give you the visibility, automation and record keeping you need for the laws and frameworks that matter most to your compliance program

OneTrust Privacy

Privacy Management Software

Operationalize Your ​Privacy Program for ​CCPA, GDPR & ​All the World’s Privacy Laws​

BUILT FOR: Privacy and Legal Teams

OneTrust Vendorpedia

Third-Party Risk Software

​Make Sure Your ​Third-Parties and Vendors ​are Safe to Do Business With

BUILT FOR: InfoSec, Privacy, GRC, Sourcing and Vendor Teams

OneTrust PreferenceChoice

Consent & Preference Software

Monitor Your Digital Properties, ​Add Transparency and ​Choice for Your Customers

BUILT FOR: Marketing and Privacy Teams

OneTrust DataGuidance

Regulatory Research Software

Leverage Intelligence and Knowledge to Power Daily Real-Time Insights and Predictive Analytics

BUILT FOR: Privacy and Legal Teams

OneTrust GRC

Integrated Risk Management

Measure and Report on Your Business Risk Portfolio with an Integrated Risk Management Platform

BUILT FOR: InfoSec, GRC, Audit, Risk and Compliance Teams

OneTrust Ethics

Ethics & Compliance Software

Build Your Ethics and Compliance Program Leveraging a Central Platform of Trust

BUILT FOR: Ethics, Compliance, HR and Legal Teams

OneTrust DataDiscovery™

AI-Powered Discovery & Classification​

Use AI and Machine Learning to Simplify Data Discovery and Classification Across Your Enterprise

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OneTrust Athena™

Artificial Intelligence Engine

Leverage Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Robotic Process Automation to Automate Compliance

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