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OneTrust Makes it Possible for Huawei GDPR Compliance Program

Huawei is a leading global provider of information and communications technology infrastructure and smart devices. Huawei is committed to bringing digital technology to every person, home and organization for an intelligent and fully connected world.

As one of Huawei’s three business divisions, Consumer Business Group (CBG) is a leader in the AI landscape, sitting at the forefront of developments for smartphones, PCs and tablets, wearable devices, mobile broadband devices, home devices and Cloud services for devices. Huawei CBG is committed to providing the latest technologies to consumers and sharing the successes of its technological advances with millions of people around the world.

Huawei CBG aimed to build, implement and manage an effective and concrete data protection program to ensure that their customer’s data is handled appropriately throughout their processes. Huawei knew this crucial moment in their program’s development was the right time source a technology-based solution to help demonstrate accountability throughout their processes.

Answering the Call for Marketing Compliance

Huawei operates at a consistently fast pace: new technologies dictate the pace of their daily activities and interruptions are avoided wherever possible. This means it is vital that departments are united under a shared strategy to ensure that they achieve and maintain compliance.

At Huawei, marketing compliance goes beyond simply enforcing the GDPR and other frameworks: it is a commitment to their customers, repaying consumer confidence with maximum transparency on all tracking activities across their digital initiatives and creative content. Huawei commits to clearly informing users how it collects their data, for what purpose, how it is stored, and for how long.

Starting from this commitment, they needed to implement software that could manage their marketing compliance goals in a simple and effective way. After carefully evaluating the various options on the market, Huawei decided to implement OneTrust’s Data Mapping and Cookie Consent technology.

OneTrust Helps Connect Huawei’s Departments for Coordinated Compliance

Among the key focuses for Huawei were guaranteeing the effectiveness of local and global privacy policies and procedures, coordinating all stakeholders (IT, privacy and business), and providing operational guidance.

OneTrust provided Huawei with effective tools that help mitigate the risk of errors and automate significant portions of the process. The easy-to-use, centralized source that OneTrust offered was key in Huawei being able to meet some of their key compliance goals, including:

• A banner to manage preferences and automatically block cookies until consent is released

• Automatic scan, discovery and auto categorization of cookies, tags, pixels, etc.

• Audit and reporting

OneTrust significantly increases the productivity of Huawei’s systems equal to an additional team member. Thanks to the efficiency that the OneTrust tool adds, the IT, privacy and business teams are about to focus more of their attentions on other activities, knowing that their cookie system is compliant.

With the OneTrust tools, we rationalize and simplify the way we organize cookies and coordinate the actions related to them, reducing risk caused by manual management or non-standardized automations."

Massimo Grillo
CBG Country Privacy Officer

Huawei’s CBG Country Privacy Officer, Massimo Grillo, notes that OneTrust has also been vital in helping Huawei achieve some of their wider goals. This includes their attainment of the ISDP certification 10003: 2018, for their GDPR compliance. Obtaining this certification demonstrates Huawei’s commitment to continued adequacy and accountability. Both the OneTrust Cookie Compliance and Data Mapping modules were fundamental in achieving this certificate, the evaluating board could see a clear demonstration of how these modules supported Huawei’s accountability.

“With the OneTrust tools, we rationalize and simplify the way we organize cookies and coordinate the actions related to them, reducing risk caused by manual management or non-standardized automations,” says Massimo Grillo, CBG Country Privacy Officer, Huawei Technologies.

Another, equally important aspect of OneTrust’s influence is that it is easier for different departments to collaborate thanks to the centralized system, this removes any inconsistencies and ensures everyone is working towards the same framework.

“The OneTrust tool is proving to be the driving force behind the change of approach in our cookie management, by providing the business with an integrated and functional solution that effectively contributes to maintaining the ongoing process,” said Massimo Grillo, CBG Country Privacy Officer, Huawei Technologies.

Looking forward, Huawei will continue to fine tune their usage of the OneTrust tools to ensure they are maximizing the functionality across their teams and continue to effectively manage their cookies in changing regulatory landscape.

Huawei continues to use OneTrust as it offers the most efficient and effective method of fulfilling their corporate compliance needs, optimizing resources and providing an intuitive and practical user experience.

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