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NEW California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 Initial Planning Assessment!

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The IAPP-OneTrust tool automates accountability through readiness and privacy impact assessments (PIAs or DPIAs) with questionnaire and risk-tracking workflows, as well as builds and maintains data flows and inventories to help meet the record-keeping obligations of Article 30. Now including new California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 Initial Planning Assessment.

The IAPP-OneTrust tool enables organizations to:

  • Generate appropriate record keeping reports
  • Choose from pre-defined assessment templates
  • Modify templates or create custom questionnaires
  • Distribute assessments to internal and external parties
  • Populate inventory with apps and processing activities
  • Identify, track and mitigate risks through workflows

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Featured Products:

Assessment Automation:(PIA and DPIA):

Tailor and distribute assessments, review gaps, track mitigating activities, and generate appropriate record keeping reports

Data Inventory & Mapping:

Maintain and update data flows, applications, and processing activities to meet Article 30 record keeping obligations.

California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) of 2018 Initial Planning Assessment

Leverage our new CCPA Initial Planning Assessment to understand the potential impact of the new law on your organization.

Also Included:

Consent Management

Manage user consent and preferences with adaptable settings for various consent standards

Website Tracker Scanning

Conduct a privacy scan of your website to identify and categorize tracking technologies

Data Subject Rights Portal (DSAR)

Capture data subject requests, manage workflows to fulfill, handle responses securely and consistently, and maintain records of fulfilling requests

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