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Do you know if your vendors (and their vendors) are safe to do business with? Request a demo of OneTrust Vendorpedia today to see how our Third-Party Risk Management Software combines automation with aggregated vendor research to streamline the vendor lifecycle, enabling you to reduce risk and empower your team with the tools they need to succeed.

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The OneTrust Vendorpedia Platform

Vendorpedia Assess

Identify & Mitigate Risks

Automate security & privacy assessments, conduct financial due diligence, monitor SLAs & performance, test controls, and streamline issues & exception management

Vendorpedia Exchange

Access Pre-Populated Research

Access evergreen research on thousands of vendors with service- and product-level granularity, including security & privacy certifications & pre-completed risk assessments, updated daily

Vendorpedia Data Mapping

Add Business Context to Vendor Risks

Link your vendors to the IT systems and business processes they support to add context to risk, visualize lineage diagrams, and keep your data map up to date

Vendorpedia Breach & Enforcement Tracker

Get Alerted When Vendor Breaches Occur

Receive notifications about vendor breaches and regulatory enforcements, monitored by our in-house security and privacy team and backed by OneTrust DataGuidaince research

Vendorpedia Chasing

Offload Assessment-Related Work

Leverage free risk assessment services performed by the OneTrust team to chase vendors on your behalf, offloading work and enabling faster questionnaire completion

Vendorpedia Contracts & Documents

Manage Key Contract Terms

Scan and report on key contract terms, and manage certificates, evidence, and vendor documentation in a single repository, as well as integrate with contract management tools

Vendorpedia Monitoring

Maintain Ongoing Vendor Oversight

Get alerts on critical vendor security and privacy changes, including 4th-party changes, incidents & breaches, as well as leverage an automation engine for trigger-based reassessment

Vendorpedia Autocomplete for Vendors

Automate Custom Questionnaire Completion

Empower vendors to autocomplete any questionnaire, even custom ones, to speed up assessment response time for assessments, free and available for any vendor to use