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Stay on Top of Global Developments with Customized Notifications

  • Search news on guidance, laws and regulations, decisions, and case law to find relevant content for each function
  • Create customized email alerts and newsletters so you and your team stay up to date with breaking developments in your areas of interest
  • Generate custom reports and newsletters that can easily be exported and shared

Review and Compare Requirements Across Multiple Jurisdictions at a Glance

  • Choose from over 20 Comparison charts on topics like Employment, Data Breach Notification, Data Transfers, Health & Pharma, and compare the regulations in your desired jurisdictions.
  • Access detailed information regarding the jurisdictional and legislative complexities, with over 1200 expert Guidance Notes and over 10,000 authoritative documents searchable by jurisdiction and topic.
  • Support your research with daily insight and analysis from regulators and privacy experts on the current compliance landscape

Track and Interpret Requirements for Implementation of the GDPR, CCPA, LGPD and Other Global Privacy Laws

  • Monitor changing laws and regulations, case law, enforcement actions, and official guidelines with access to GDPR, CCPA and U.S. State & Federal Trackers
  • Stay informed on the latest global enforcement news, updates, and official guidelines with the Enforcement & Breach Tracker
  • Identify key similarities between global privacy laws with the GDPR Benchmarking tool and reports, comparing the GDPR with other regulations such as CCPA, LGPD, Thai PDPA and APPI

Save and Share the Content You Need to Manage Your Privacy Program

  • Create customized spaces for projects, jurisdictions and topics and save specific regulatory content
  • Organise and maintain easy-to-access folders with saved News, Guidance Notes and Opinion articles
  • Collaborate with colleagues by creating shared spaces to ensure key information is sent to each team member

Submit Your Research Questions Directly to Our Team of Experts

  • Gain insights on applicable legislation and supervisory authorities’ guidance
  • Engage in discussions regarding the latest regulatory developments
  • Ask questions specific to your privacy program and address your unique compliance concerns and receive a response within 48 hours

Why OneTrust DataGuidance Regulatory Research?

Most Comprehensive Global Coverage

Specialists monitoring every jurisdiction in the world daily

Largest R&D Team

Capability to stay up to date with the latest regulatory developments

Same-Day Support

Real-time updates and guidance on developments

Customization & Collaboration

Easily tailor research to focus on core business priorities

Personalized Guidance

Direct access to our in-house team of legal experts

Global Presence

8 global locations and coverage in 100 Languages

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