It’s official. CONVERGE21 is in full swing! We’ve gathered the leading industry experts, practitioners, and innovators of the ethics and compliance community to explore the most meaningful topics in compliance and beyond.

Over the next two days, we’ll explore emerging trends, topics, and tools to enable you to better manage ethics and compliance and drive value and impact to your overall company strategy. You’ll leave this conference with new resources, best practices, and actionable ideas that can be put in practice in your program to take it to the next level.

Let’s take a look at what unfolded on day 1 at CONVERGE21.


The Devil in the Details: EU Directive Requirement You May Not Know

Speakers Michael Randrup, Senior Compliance Specialist at Ørsted and Michael Villi Møller, Chief Legal Counsel at Maersk, say the EU Directive’s intent is clear: Better protect whistleblowers and drive effective reporting. Yet the reality has the potential to be fundamentally counterproductive for multi-jurisdiction programs. A group of leading Danish companies are challenging the EU Commission Expert Group to remove the requirement for local hotline instances—and hitting a brick wall. Join this session to hear their journey and have your questions answered by those seeking a better outcome for all companies affected by the Directive.


Equity in Sports: Lessons to Inform Your DE&I Program

In this session, speakers Kevin Withane, Group Ethics and Compliance Director at TI Fluid Systems, Katherine Gansallo, Global Diversity and Inclusion Director at London Stock Exchange Group, and Matt Phelan, CEO at The Happiness Index provide lessons to inform your DE&I program. The Euros and Olympic Games are but two of the significant sporting events we’ve seen racism ripple through our headlines and stir outrage in our societies. This session uncovers what we as ethics and compliance leaders should be learning from the response and mitigation of these injustices. As a uniquely positioned function in the business, this panel of passionate advocates share pragmatic steps to foster inclusiveness and psychological safety in our workforces.


A Pragmatic Approach to Data Privacy for Ethics & Compliance Teams

Are you concerned that your compliance program may be holding onto data that according to regulators, you’re not supposed to have? Afraid to dive into analyzing your data because you don’t know what you’ll find? Not sure where to start? In this session, Rodrigo Cunha, Global Director, Digital Ethics (DPO) at AB InBev, Monika Tomczak-Gorlikowska, Chief Privacy Officer at Prosus, Alexis Kateifides, Lead Centers of Excellence Counsel at Onetrust, and Tess Macapinlac, Privacy Counsel at OneTrust offer our ethics and compliance community simplification and pragmatic focus in data privacy.


‘Handle With Care’ – The Human Corporate Investigations Function

Poorly handled investigations have very real consequences for everyone involved. Cultural nuances in cross-border investigations coupled with the ongoing psychological and technological impact of the pandemic call for an empathetic overhaul of our approach.  In this session panelists Lloydette Bai-Marrow, Founding Partner at ParaMetric Global, Peter Stone, Global Head of Business Integrity at Reckitt Benckiser, and Kevin Withane, Group Ethics and Compliance Director at TI Fluid Systems share a reporter-centered approach which humanizes your processes for the best possible outcome–and surfaces inherent biases.


Supply Chain Risk Among Your 4th, 5th, and 6th Parties

Speakers Jonah Anderson, Partner at White & Case, Patrick Garcia, Chief Compliance and Integrity Officer at Parker Wellbore, Asha Palmer, Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer and EVP of CONVERGE at Convercent by OneTrust know strong third-party risk management is a vital component of an effective corporate compliance program. Yet, risk assessment and implementation of controls become more challenging as we go down the many layers of the supply chain. This is further exacerbated by ever increasing regulatory requirements and supply chain complexities. Join this lively panel to uncover the reality of risks running through your supply chain-and hear best practice on using a risk-based approach to effectively apply controls.


You’re Already Doing ESG—You’re Calling It Something Else

ESG is perceived as a new, intimidatingly complex initiative, but the foundations of a best-practices ethics and compliance program include the building blocks of ESG. That means many ethics and compliance teams are already equipped to lead the ESG charge using tools they currently have at their disposal. Helen Woodcock, Group Risk Manager at Calisen, Antonio Miguel Ribeiro, Director Enterprise Risk Management at Mubadala, Tom Fox, The Compliance Evangelist, Founder at Compliance Podcast Network, and Marleen Oberheide, Senior Solutions Engineer – ESG at OneTrust cover a framework for shifting your perspective just enough to make ESG a core focus of your work without starting from scratch.


Keynote: The Ethics Movement

Why did you pursue ethics and compliance as a career? It’s likely because you believed that you could make a difference. Join us to kick off CONVERGE21 keynotes with an inspiring look at how our work impacts the lives of real people within our companies. Featuring Asha Palmer, Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer and EVP of CONVERGE at Convercent by OneTrust, Patrick Quinlan, CEO at Convercent by OneTrust, and Philip Winterburn, Chief Strategy Officer at Convercent by OneTrust.


Keynote: Creating a Culture Where Employees Thrive With Arianna Huffington

As ethics and compliance teams take responsibility for managing company culture, we’re accountable for much more than preventing misconduct. Our employees’ ability to show up every day, perform at 100 percent, and resist the pressure to compromise standards is dependent on their mental health and wellbeing. Arianna Huffington joins Patrick Quinlan to uncover what it means to build a culture where employees can bring their full selves to work and feel safe and supported. This is a fireside chat you don’t want to miss– bring your questions for live Q&A!


CECO Inspo

Join Asha Palmer as she assembles her ultimate panel featuring inspirational, change-making Chief Ethics and Compliance Officers (CECOs) from across industries. You’ll walk away with a new appreciation for what’s possible in the world of ethics and compliance.


Obi Madubuko, Chief Compliance Officer at Visa
Ashley Page, SVP, Chief Compliance Officer at Endeavor
Alison Hinds-Pearl, Chief Compliance Officer at Revlon


Whistleblowing Programs That Foster Speak-Up Culture 

A successful whistleblowing program doesn’t start with installing a helpline–it starts with fostering an environment that protects whistleblowers, makes them feel supported, and makes clear the value they bring to the business. So how do you build that “speak-up culture?” Join this session to hear from a panel of practitioners who manage whistleblowing programs and whistleblower advocates who’ll share their insights, experiences, and challenges they’ve faced.


Lisa Beth Lentini Walker, CEO and Founder at Lumen Worldwide Endeavors
Mary Inman, Head of International Whistleblower Practice at Constantine Cannon
Kelli Spencer, Chief Risk and Compliance Officer at Heartland Alliance
Wendy Badger, Global Compliance Counsel at Tennant


Activating Evangelists: Tone at the Top, Mood in the Middle, Buzz at the Bottom 

Communicating with an entire workforce—effectively–is a daunting task. But your company is full of potential compliance influencers at every level of the business. Join this session to hear from a panel of compliance practitioners who’ve successfully activated evangelists and allies to do the hard work of communication and engagement for them.


Alex Punger, Senior Counsel at Airbnb
Cristina Revelo, Deputy Director, Corporate Monitoring and Compliance Services at Affiliated Monitors
Nicole Di Schino, Spark Compliance


Push & Pull Training 

Does your compliance training pull people in—or push them away? Join us to discuss engaging training strategies that make people want to interact with your compliance program voluntarily.


Hannah Walk, Manager Awareness Training at Onetrust
Claire Lawrence, Legal Services Administrator at AFL
Keturah Pestel, Director, Business Ethics at Thrivent
Tricia Cornell, Principal and Head of Creative Services, Rethink Compliance
Christina House, Global Compliance, Ethics, and Training, Spirit Aerosystems
Tina Rampino, Associate Managing Director, K2 Integrity


Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion: The role of Ethics & Compliance 

The efforts of a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion team can organically overlap with what we do in Ethics and Compliance. Join this panel with DEI experts to learn how to maximize the effectiveness of your company’s efforts in this area by banding together.


Kim Vu, Global Head of DEI at Remitly
Amelia Ransom, VP Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, Smartsheet
Solynn McCurdy, Chief Diversity Officer, Symetria
Asha Palmer, Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer and EVP of CONVERGE at Convercent by OneTrust


The Rising Pressure to Compromise Standards, With Data From ECI’s GBES Survey 

Recent findings from the Global Business Ethics Survey® (GBES®), the Ethics & Compliance Initiative’s premier, longitudinal study on workplace integrity, revealed some eye-opening results. Not least was the increasing pressure that employees feel to compromise standards—and while observed misconduct remained steady, it is inching upwards. Join this session with the experts behind the survey to gain the context around the numbers. Hear the perspectives and insights of E&C practitioners.


Evren Esen, VP Research & Analytics at Ethics & Compliance Initiative
Skip Lowney, Senior Survey Researcher, Client Solutions at Ethics & Compliance Initiative
Peter Loftspring, Assistant General Counsel & Senior Vice President, Black & Veatch
Will Simmons, Head of Global Investigations and Associate Director Ethics & Compliance at Lonza


Managing Change, Culture, and Ethical IPOs in a High-Growth Environment 

Things move fast in the tech world—so it’s all the more important to be proactively compliant from the start. Join this session with compliance practitioners in the tech industry who’ve successfully led their company through compliant IPOs, managed culture in a changing environment, and served as effective business partners rather than “the department of ‘no.’”


Scott Schools, Chief Compliance and Ethics Officer at Uber
Andria Jones, Head of Legal Compliance at Cloudflare
Marianne Fogarty, Chief Compliance Officer at Twitter


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