Have you heard the news? CONVERGE21 – the leading event in ethics and compliance – is part of your free ticket to TrustWeek 2021. We are co-hosting the two online events on one single platform to create the largest global community focused on building more trusted organizations.

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Before we dive in to TrustWeek sessions, attend CONVERGE21 on October 12-13 to connect with the leading industry experts, practitioners, and innovators of the ethics and compliance community and explore key topics through keynotes, workshops, and fireside chats. There’s a reason why this biannual conference is a favorite of compliance professionals across the globe—in fact, we can think of at least five reasons that make it worthwhile. (And there are so many more!)

  1. World-class speakers. Hear a variety of unique, informed perspectives. Each of our speakers and panelists is impacting and inspiring change in the world of E&C. Stay tuned for an announcement next week to hear who our big keynote speakers are.
  2. Unparalleled engagement. A full multimedia experience, CONVERGE21 lets you get your hands dirty in the world of ethics and compliance. Hear from and interact with global leaders, experts, colleagues, and peers virtually—and expect conversations to continue long after the event ends.
  3. Deeper dives. At CONVERGE21, we don’t just explore the “what.” We look at the who, why, and how behind major ethical issues and possible resolutions. We look at compliance not as an isolated process, but as a larger piece of business and cultural strategy.
  4. Unconventional ideas. At Convercent by OneTrust, our values include getting uncomfortable. The conversations that take place at CONVERGE21 challenge conventions and encourage you to think outside of the box, grow, and evolve.
  5. Endless inspiration. Prepare to be moved and inspired by the movement happening in E&C. We’ll discuss ESG, the EU Directive, speak-up cultures, social activism, and more—leaving no stone unturned in our quest for new ideas.

And remember, this year when you attend TrustWeek you get access to CONVERGE21. We look forward to seeing you there!

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