TrustWeek is officially in full swing and we’re bringing you the latest and greatest that OneTrust has to offer. TrustWeek is bigger than ever with over 3,000 attendees and four different tracks for attendees to pick and choose from. 

If you couldn’t attend some of today’s sessions, you’re in luck––in this blog post, we’ll go over the highlights of the main conference today. 

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Opening Keynote 

OneTrust’s CEO Kabir Barday and CTO Blake Brannon kicked off the main conference with an opening keynote covering product updates and the future vision of OneTrust. Attendees got to hear about the latest product innovations and had an exclusive sneak peek into where we’re taking it into the future. 


Today we had had over 15 sessions where attendees got to get tips and tricks on stepping up their trust programs. See the recap below. 

PIAs & Data Mapping: Foundations of a Successful Privacy Program

Attendees learned how to maintain an up-to-date mapping of their IT systems, business processes, and third parties, and the many-to-many relationships between them to ensure their privacy program is firing on all cylinders. Learn more.

Vendor Risk Management: Tackling Your Most Common Challenges

Registrants discovered how to overcome common challenges when dealing with Vendor Risk Management (VRM). To learn more about Vendor Risk Management, visit

Schrems II: What It Means for Your Privacy Program

The Schrems II decision has impacted organizations in a major way. In this session, attendees learned how to use OneTrust Vendorpedia and OneTrust DataGuidance to step up their privacy program and get alerts on new Schrems II guidance. 

The Cookie Conundrum: How to Balance Compliance and User Experience

Cookie banners can be a total user experience nightmare. But they don’t have to be. During this session, attendees learned how they can create cookie banners that are both compliant and loved by site visitors. To learn more, visit

Vendorpedia Third-Party Risk Exchange: Are Your Vendors Safe to Do Business With?

Registrants got to hear all about the OneTrust Vendorpedia Third-Party Risk Exchange and its 70,000+ participating vendors, keeping businesses and their data more secure. 

IAB TCF 2.0: Guidelines, Benefits and What’s Next

Attendees gained an understanding of the framework, how publishers and advertisers can work with their CMPs to upgrade their signals to TCF 2.0 to communicate with ad tech vendors and learn about the recently launched IAB Privacy Lab that will work to create additional frameworks based on local jurisdictions. Learn more.

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Streamline Your Privacy Program with AI & Robotic Automation

Registrants learned how the OneTrust Athena AI & Robotic Automation Engine helps streamline their processes. 

Vendorpedia AutoComplete: Streamlining Response to Incoming Questionnaires

If you’re constantly responding to security, privacy, and due diligence questionnaires, then you need to check out Vendorpedia AutoComplete. Attendees got a deep dive into how they can automate the completion of incoming questionnaires. 

The End of Third-Party Cookies: Why First-Party Data Capture is Now Critical

In this session, we reviewed the timeline for third-party cookies and the current privacy landscape and ecosystem that is driving the changes. Learn more at

Navigating the Patchwork Quilt: How to Manage Incident Response

Are you ready to respond when your organization has an incident or breach? By the end of this session, attendees knew what they needed to do to make sure that the answer to that question is “yes.” Learn more.

Future of Privacy: Technology Integration to Drive Visibility, Protection, and Trust

In this session with KPMG, attendees got to hear about the future of privacy through technology integration and all about a transition to a more secure, compliant, connected enterprise. 

Sove Your Data Problem with OneTrust DataDiscovery

It’s no secret that over the past decade, data has become the core of businesses, economies, and our daily lives. As the data landscape continues to change, so too do the obstacles that it presents to businesses and organizations. In this session, registrants learned how OneTrust helps address these challenges – for personal data, and beyond. Learn more about OneTrust DataDiscovery

Staying Ahead of Global Privacy Laws with OneTrust DataGuidance

Feel like you’re lagging when it comes to privacy laws? Attendees learned how to ahead of the game with OneTrust DataGuidance in this session. 

Integrated Risk Management: Consolidating Privacy, IT, Vendor & Enterprise Initiatives 

As risk becomes increasingly interconnected, it’s essential to work off a single source of truth. After this session, attendees walked away with the knowledge on how they can collect data across teams for better risk insights and how they can deal with each risk function while still maintaining consistency. For more, visit

Privacy Rights: Enhance Your DSAR Process with Automation, Discovery, and Redaction

Privacy Rights Requests (or DSARs) aren’t going anywhere. In this session, attendees learned how they can easily automate the fulfillment of those requests. Learn more

TrustWeek 2020 

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