It’s the final day of TrustWeek 2021! If you missed any of our sessions this week, there’s still time to register for the grand finale. Click here to secure your spot for free and gain access to all of the CONVERGE 21 and TrustWeek sessions that premiered this week. We have some exciting final sessions to close out our 2021 conference.

Let’s take a look at some highlights from our final day.

The Emergence of the Chief Trust Officer

The role of Chief Trust Officer has come about thanks to greater focus on accountability and ultimately trust. The role might be relatively new, but as more organizations focus on building trust, Chief Trust Officers and their teams play a vital role in a successful organization, as the measure for success has widened from profit and loss to incorporate an organization’s values and ethical behavior. Trust is the most valuable business asset, and as OneTrust continues to lead the market in trust technology, the Chief Trust Officer leads the way in ensuring the full suite of OneTrust technology is utilized to build trust with our customers. We’re not just talking the talk – we’re walking the walk.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand how and why our Chief Trust Officer helps us better support our customers
  • Gain insight into how a Chief Trust Officer works with other C-suite executives
  • Steps you can take to implement the Chief Trust Officer model in your organization


  • Lisa Campbell, Chief Marketing Officer, OneTrust (Moderator)
  • Andrew Clearwater, Chief Trust Officer, OneTrust
  • Doug Graham, Chief Trust Officer, Lionbridge
  • Pam Snively, Chief Trust Officer, TELUS International


Regulation Roundup: Planning Your Privacy Strategy After a Whirlwind Year of Regulations 

CPRA, CDPA, CPA, PIPL, new SCCs, TIAs are just a few of the major developments from the past 12 months. In one form or another these developments will have impacted every organization’s privacy program, leaving many having to restructure their policies and strategies to account for new provisions and processes. So, after a whirlwind year of regulatory developments, what has happened? What do we need to know? And how should you adjust your privacy strategy to account for this influx of new requirements? In this session we will hear from privacy professionals from across the world to discuss the latest developments in their region and the key compliance areas that should be top of mind when revisiting your privacy program.

Key Takeaways:

  • A roundup of the most poignant regulatory developments
  • Region-specific discussion relating to key compliance areas
  • Tips for incorporating new regulations into you privacy strategy


  • Alexis Katefides, Lead Centers of Excellence Counsel, OneTrust
  • Marcelo Crespo, Partner, Peck Advogados
  • Alexandra Ross, Senior Director, Senior Data Protection, Use & Ethics Counsel, Autodesk
  • Sebastien Lacroix, Regional Privacy Officer, APAC, Royal Bank of Canada
  • Olivia Shirville, Lead Privacy Counsel (EMEA), AON


Ethics & Compliance Insights: Meaningful Data Analysis and Reporting 

If data is the gateway to more complete ethics and compliance risk visibility and an operationalized compliance program, then meaningful analysis is the key to unlocking that gate. Knowing how to meaningfully analyze compliance data and forming it into a story that your Board of Directors will find compelling is an ongoing struggle for many compliance teams. Join Asha Palmer, Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer & EVP, Converge, Convercent by OneTrust and Philip Winterburn, Chief Strategy Officer, Convercent by OneTrust and learn to use insights for root cause analysis, real-time data analysis, and impactful board reporting.


A/B Testing & Cross-Device Consent: Optimizing Your CMP For the Best User Experience 

Increasing consumer expectations, technology shifts, and regulatory updates are influencing the strategies businesses must adopt to capture consent and maximize opt-in rates. Companies are now faced with the question of how to personalize user experiences while maintaining privacy compliance. Forward-looking companies focus on delivering compliant, dynamic consumer journeys across domains and devices that help build trust and maintain revenue and personalization as third-party cookies go away. Join Alex Cash, Offering Lead, OneTrust to learn how to optimize consent rates through a variety of functions.

Key Takeaways:

  • Leverage A/B testing to experiment and easily test template designs, layouts, text, colors, and more
  • View detailed dashboards, analytics, and reports to understand variant performance and inform CMP configuration
  • Deliver specific templates to visitors based on logic and specific attributes
  • Decrease consent fatigue by reducing the number of times you ask for user consent
  • Synchronize consent of known users across devices and integrate with industry-wide ID solutions


Who Owns ESG? Building ESG as a Reflex In Your Organization 

ESG continues to move up the agenda for business leaders, investors, and consumers alike, but who should be taking the lead on ESG within an organization? In this session Pam Fitzpatrick, Head of ESG Center of Excellence, OneTrust, Kate Stark, Senior Manager, Risk and Compliance, Epiq, and Alexandra Albro, General Counsel, Eset will share their experience in growing ESG initiatives at various points of maturity, sharing best practices for engagement and becoming an integral part of business processes.

Key Takeaways:

  • An understanding of where ESG responsibility sits within an organization
  • How to build ESG engagement across all business areas
  • Tips on how to mature your organization’s ESG program


Applying OneTrust to Key Learnings From the CA AG’s Examples of CCPA Non-Compliance

Since it was enacted just over a year ago, companies are now having to deal with the uncertainties surrounding the interpretation of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and the circumstances that might subject them to penalties and fines for violations. In an effort to inform the marketplace and minimize those uncertainties, the office of the California attorney general recently published 27 examples that demonstrate what CCPA non-compliance looks like and highlights actions that can be taken to remedy each situation. Ankura’s David Manek and Colleen Yushchak will be joined by Alan Friel from the law firm of Squire Patton Boggs for an in-depth look at the AG’s various scenarios and provide an analysis of their review. In addition to sharing insights on how the OneTrust technology can be applied to the scenarios, David, Colleen and Alan will provide several essential tools, including a checklist of CCPA enforcement issues you can use as part of your year-end assessment and best practices for planning your 2023 CPRA/CDPA/CPA workstreams.

This session is sponsored by Ankura