TrustWeek is coming to your computer screens next week and we’re excited to announce a stellar lineup of featured customer speakers.  

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OneTrust’s user conference is focused on how to use technology to be a more trusted organization – and our keynote speakers are experts at how privacy, security, and governance can transform from a compliance headache into a market opportunity and competitive advantage.   

TrustWeek takes place October 12-16, with our main conference days on October 14-15. Each conference day kicks off with a 90-minute keynote – the first day focuses on OneTrust’s product and roadmap, and the second day features our incredible customer speakers.  

Alisa Bergman – Adobe – Delighting the Customer with Experiential Privacy  

Going on to any website these days? You’re likely to find a cookie banner (also known as a consent management provider, or CMP). Your CMP is likely the most visible part of a compliance program, and can set the tone for how your users trust your brand.  

Alisa Bergman, the CPO at Adobe, has thought more about the cookie banner than most. Instead of the standard boilerplate cookie banner, she wanted to delight the customer with “experiential privacy” and embarked on a mission to deploy Adobe’s CMP with privacy by design.  

The result? A re-envisioned CMP based on months of research, user feedback, A/B testing, and custom coding with OneTrust.  

During this session, TrustWeek attendees will learn what works – and what doesn’t – when it comes to a CMP. You’ll re-think your approach to the banner, hear the results of Adobe’s research, and see the cookie banner in action.  

Alisa will also share what she’s thinking next – because the CMP isn’t a one-and-done activity, it’s a “launch and iterate” approach that’s constantly innovating.  

Mikko Niva – Vodafone – Data Ethics and the “Human Impact Assessment” 

There’s a lot of good we can do with data and AI. With more information than ever before, we can pool information to find the answers to some of the world’s most pressing challenges. We can crowdsource solutions, cures, fundraising, and more.  

Mikko Niva, the global DPO at Vodafone, thinks a lot about doing good – with data, with AI, with every effort he oversees at Vodafone. This is why he’s focused beyond just privacy and security – and into data ethics. He’s not asking if something can be done, but rather, should it? 

The phrase “human impact assessment” spawns from this focus on data ethics. When Vodafone takes on an endeavor, Mikko and his team are asking, “what is the real impact to people?”  

During this keynote, Mikko will share his human-centric approach, and how businesses can be transformed with data ethics. He’ll also show a case study of the “HIA” in action during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Harvey Jang – Cisco – The ROI of Privacy

Privacy efforts are quickly transforming from a “nice to have” into a key business function. With new regulations popping up across the globe and increasing consumer demand for transparency and control over their data, privacy is increasingly a boardroom-level conversation. 

But what is the return on investment? Harvey Jang, the CPO at Cisco, is probably the best person to ask. Cisco’s annual Data Privacy Benchmark Study looks beyond privacy efforts for compliance sake and translates that into business value context. 

At TrustWeek, Harvey will dive into the findings and trends in Cisco’s annual study and share how data privacy and trust can be a true business advantage and market differentiator. 

Join TrustWeek to hear from Alisa, Mikko, Harvey, and learn how to be a more trusted organization.