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On-demand webinar coming soon...

On-demand webinar coming soon...

TrustWeek 2024 agenda

Explore the breakout session trackscertification and training opportunities, and hands-on labs that we'll have available at TrustWeek 2024. Attendees can earn up to 10 IAPP CPE credits.

Special guest keynote with Al Gore

You won’t want to miss our closing keynote where former Vice President and Generation Investment Management Chairman Al Gore joins us to share his perspective on creating a sustainable economy that drives better outcomes for humanity and the planet. During this hosted conversation, we will explore the interlock between trust and timely topics such as sustainability, data privacy, and artificial intelligence, and how collaboration between the private and public sectors fuels innovation in these areas. 

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Keynotes preview

Join us for powerful keynotes unveiling product roadmaps and features, the trust landscape evolution and vision to innovate for the future.

The OneTrust Platform: What's new and what's next
Kickoff TrustWeek by hearing the latest on trust intelligence, including a state of the industry address and OneTrust’s latest platform innovations.

Delivering trust in today’s rapidly changing environment
This rapid-fire style keynote will explore hot industry trends such as trust in organizations today, artificial intelligence, and data privacy.

Trust in action: Leadership perspectives
Come alongside OneTrust and our customers as they take us on their trust transformation journeys, share key learning, and how they navigate our ever-evolving regulatory landscape.

Special guest keynote with Al Gore
Former Vice President and Generation Investment Management Chairman Al Gore joins us in a fireside chat to discuss trust as a catalyst of positive change.

Explore our session tracks

Choose sessions from six tracks to learn about the latest OneTrust product capabilities and trends shaping the industry. During the sessions learn from OneTrust product experts and other customers on use cases, best practices through product deep dives, executive panels, and more. 

Responsible AI

Empower your vision for a responsible AI future. Join dynamic panel discussions with business leaders who are at the forefront of shaping AI strategies, dive into our latest AI solutions and upcoming releases in targeted product sessions, and gain insights from OneTrust experts in technical breakouts tailored to address your most pressing questions. This is your opportunity to explore how to harmonize AI innovation with stringent privacy standards and regulatory compliance, ensuring your AI initiatives are not only advanced but also ethically grounded and legally compliant.

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Ethical horizons: Navigating the future of responsible AI
In this session keynote, uncover the complexities and responsibilities of deploying AI, focusing on closing privacy gaps, ethical considerations, data management, bias mitigation, and ensuring quality outputs as enterprises increasingly integrate generative AI. 

AI regulations unveiled: Adapting to the evolving landscape
Discover how to navigate the rapidly changing AI regulatory environment, understanding the impact on business practices and the importance of adapting AI strategies to meet emerging laws and frameworks. 

Building an AI governance program at OneTrust
Gain insights into creating a robust AI governance program through a panel discussion with OneTrust's key leaders, showcasing the multidisciplinary approach to adopting human-centric AI systems aligned with company values.

How to champion responsible AI with OneTrust
Join OneTrust's AI Governance product lead for a tour of the AI Governance module and look into the horizon of the product roadmap for 2024 and beyond. 

Setting up your AI inventory with OneTrust
Explore the critical steps for gaining visibility into AI systems through the establishment of an AI inventory using OneTrust.

Navigating AI innovation and risk in the B2B landscape
How can your business go about adopting and procuring AI? Join this panel of experts to hear perspectives from users and deployers of AI in B2B for practical insights.

Data Privacy

Modern data privacy isn’t just about compliance, it’s about unlocking the value of data through responsible use across the data lifecycle. Join our data privacy sessions to learn keyways to evolve your current privacy program so you can chart your own course to data privacy maturity. Learn key tactics to elevate your privacy program maturity beyond reactive compliance-driven tactics to become a strategic enabler for your business. By building programs that ensure the responsible use of personal data, you can foster trust with customers and partners and deliver business upside by enabling actionable insights from high-value first-party data sets.

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Navigating privacy's evolution: from compliance to customer trust
In this session keynote, navigate the evolution of privacy and understand how its transformation from mere compliance into a strategic imperative has become centered around fostering customer trust through responsible data usage.

Privacy regulations roadmap: What's in store in 2024 and beyond
Chart a course through the future of privacy regulations with a detailed roadmap, offering insights into the evolving global landscape and what organizations can anticipate in 2024 and beyond.

Intelligent assessments: The smarter way to manage privacy risk  
Discover how OneTrust Intelligent Assessments leverage existing data and activity maps to simplify and enhance the accuracy of Privacy Impact Assessments, tackling one of the biggest challenges for privacy teams.

Preparing for privacy in a cookieless world: Practical strategies for operationalizing first-party data
Personalization in a cookieless world? Learn how to operationalize first-party data to enable privacy-first personalized experiences for your customers. 

Unlock the hidden value of data: Building blocks for a successful first-party data strategy
Unearth the benefits of first-party data in personalizing customer experiences and ensuring compliance, as the OneTrust marketing operations team shares insights on developing best practices and infrastructure for a successful strategy.

Navigating the maze: Enforcing consent throughout your tech stack
Navigate the complexities of enforcing consent throughout your tech stack, with insights for seamless compliance across diverse technology platforms.

DataGuidance enhanced: Navigating content and compliance with AI and OneTrust Copilot
Join us for a first look at the latest OneTrust DataGuidance capabilities, designed to help you uncover the latest regulatory insights, powered by AI.

A customer journey: Strengthening compliance and trust through responsible data use
Learn how OneTrust customers take a data-focused approach to building programs that not only ensure compliance but promote customer trust and innovation. 

Data discovery: Bridging insights to business value
Data discovery is the cornerstone of your data privacy and security journey, teaching you to scan, classify, and accurately govern your data, crafting robust policies that not only reduce risks, and ensuring compliance while paving the way for your privacy initiatives.

Enforcing data privacy: Maturing your privacy programs
Evolve your data privacy program. Learn strategies on regulatory compliance that allow you to elevate customer confidence and loyalty - building a foundation of trust and transparency in the process. 

Security & Risk

Risk and compliance are no longer check-the-box activities but an everyday function of the business. Join sessions spanning across the full compliance and risk lifecycle focused on reducing the burden of compliance and managing risks. Learn how OneTrust solutions map various frameworks, automate evidence collection for controls, manage the end-to-end risk lifecycles across various risk categories: IT, Privacy, ESG etc., and contribute to the organization's enterprise risk management.

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The evolution of security and risk: From reactive to business-driven programs
In this session keynote, work through the maturity journey of a security and risk program to become proactive and business driven.

Demystifying risk and compliance: Strategies for navigating the threat landscape
Explore the increasingly complex landscape of risk and compliance and discover innovative strategies for achieving IT compliance. Establish methodologies for identifying and mitigating risks amidst evolving threats while fostering a culture of shared responsibility within the organization.

From silos to synergy: Uniting risk across your enterprise
Dive into enterprise risk management and uncover strategies for unifying risk, while gaining invaluable insights for both seasoned risk professionals and newcomers to the field.

From controls to compliance: Bridging operations and regulatory standards
Master the fundamentals of constructing compliance frameworks that can seamlessly integrate with organizational operations while aligning with regulatory and strategic mandates to deliver measurable insights on your progress and gaps.

Inventories, assessments & AI - oh my: Elevate your risk program to a holistic initiative
Tour our roadmap to learn about upcoming improvements to better manage groups of business and system inventories; a simplified ways to assess risk; and AI-driven integration to communicate externally your risk and compliance posture.

Breaking barriers, building trust: Integrating privacy and security
Break down the barriers between privacy and security to discover the benefits of seamless integration and fostering trust among your customers.

Third-Party Management

Third-Party Management goes beyond traditional, infosec-led risk management to develop more trusted relationships with third parties by mitigating potential risks, monitoring performance, and ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory standards. Join our Third-Party Management sessions to learn how OneTrust solutions empower risk leaders to implement a data-centric and risk-based approach to third-party management to create a resilient, secure, and scalable vendor ecosystem.

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Cross-functional third-party management enables strategic decision making
In this session keynote, learn how to align third-party management workstreams with data-driven insights to create a resilient and secure third-party ecosystem to guide risk-aware decision making across the business.

Third-party operational risk: Shifting from reliance to resilience
Learn about the critical shift toward operational resilience that will protect your organization against third-party disruptions.

Third-party management power hour: Opportunities for process optimization
Explore new product features for opportunities to optimize daily processes and mature your third-party risk program.

Ethics & Compliance

The most resilient organizations nurture a culture that fosters ethical behavior – where everyone feels empowered to speak up, share their perspectives, ask challenging questions and raise concerns without fear of retaliation. Join our Ethics sessions to learn how to foster and promote an open and safe environment for your employees, and maximize insights into the health of your culture, so your leaders can act decisively upon areas of risk and take advantage of opportunities to elevate their brand.

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Vision to reality: Transforming your ethics and compliance program with AI
Join us along with a panel of industry experts to dive into uses cases for artificial intelligence to transform your ethics & compliance program and streamline your operations for better resource utilization and dynamic risk mitigation. 

Unpacking the future of ethics and compliance: Trends and best practices
Hear OneTrust customers reflect on the future of ethics and trends, such as using data to surface and mitigate risk, the explosion of AI regulations and ethical considerations, and building a thoughtful embedded speak-up culture. 

Ethics in AI: Staying ahead of DOJ guidelines
Explore actionable strategies for navigating AI-related risks, elevating your compliance framework, and unlocking the true value of ethical AI to comply with the DOJ's directive to assess AI-related risks in corporate compliance programs.

Empowering every voice: Evolving speak-up culture & safeguarding against retaliation
Ensuring a reporter's journey is free from stigma and fear of retaliation is critical to driving a healthy speak-up culture. Learn how OneTrust is evolving the next generation of Speak Up to incorporate every step of the reporting process.

Digital due diligence: Building blocks for third-party management
Explore how to design a third-party due diligence program that strategically anticipates risks, ensures compliance, and fosters two-way trust in third-party relationships.

OneTrust Platform

No matter your trust initiative, whether it’s preparing for the latest regulation or certification, trying to reduce risk, engaging safer third parties, or launching a new marketing initiative, OneTrust can help through an integrated platform with purpose-built functionality to solve these use cases (and much more). Join sessions in our Platform track to learn about the latest capabilities across our platform and how to coordinate across privacy, security, and ethics initiatives.

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Embed trust with platform services: What's new and what's next
Learn how the OneTrust platform enables Trust by Design through common platform services across connected apps. 

Enhancements that empower: Discover new OneTrust platform features
See how new platform services enhancements help users and administrators more easily get their job done.

Get certified with training add-ons

Join us Monday, May 20 to take advantage of a full day of learning in one of our accredited certification courses.  Our expert instructors will guide you through in-depth product training designed to sharpen your skills on specific OneTrust product lines.

Specific training times will be released soon. 
Courses are $100 each.

Learn the essential features the platform offers to enhance your privacy program by helping users manage assessments, inventories, and incidents for global compliance. 


Level: Professional
Credits: 3.5 CPE for IAPP Certifications

Learn how to master the risk lifecycle, policy and incident management, and audit intricacies using the platform to better safeguard your organization.


Level: Professional
Credits: 4.5 CPE for the OCEG GRCP Certification

Learn how to configure and implement collection points throughout your platform. Attend this course and explore how to use key data subject-facing tools and integrate various collection points to generate consent receipts. 


Level: Professional
Credits: 3 CPE for the IAPP Certifications

New! Embark on your Responsible AI journey to aid end users in managing artificial intelligence systems and mitigate risk to demonstrate trust. Attendees will explore emerging AI regulations and assess use cases to expand their privacy, security, and governance programs into Responsible AI.  


Level: Professional
Credits: TBD

Gain a comprehensive understanding of Data Discovery & Governance tools, encompassing fundamental navigation techniques and the pivotal components inherent in each module.


This course will include a module overview of how data is scanned and managed which acts as a prerequisite for the IT and Expert courses to follow: Integrations & Scan Configuration as well as Data Policies.


You will gain an in-depth understanding of how the OneTrust Data Discovery module connects with data sources via worker nodes to produce metadata to provide insight on what data a company contains. The course emphasizes connecting to data sources, configuring scan profiles, setting up remediation integrations, and testing each step.


Levels: Professional and Expert
Credits: 2 IAPP CPE credits

Become proficient in managing the third-party risk lifecycle by taking a deep dive into many of the platform tools. These encompass third-party assessment and risk management workflows, process automation features, and utilization of the Third-Party Risk Exchange. 


Level: Expert
Credits: 3 CPE Credit Hours for IAPP Certifications

Hands-on labs

Explore common use cases and technical how-to guides through immersive learning experiences with self-service and instructor-led sessions with product experts. Turn your knowledge into core competencies and gain valuable problem-solving skills.  


Scheduled times will be released soon. These labs are no additional cost. 

Learn how to create and customize an ethics policy, create and edit a policy approval workflow, and create a campaign to deliver the policy to users within your organization for acknowledgment. 


Type: Self-paced

Learn how to manage the lifecycle for disclosures and declaration of conflicts of interest as well as how to build Questionnaire Templates to guide employees through completing multiple disclosures in an intuitive manner.


Type: Self-paced

Learn how to customize the question library and launch dynamic assessments to streamline your third-party risk assessments.


Type: Instructor-led

Learn how to get started with automating your security questionnaire responses by creating an answer library and simulating a customer questionnaire intake process.


Type: Self-paced

Learn how to create exceptions to policies, standards, or definitions on behalf of employees, how to create and send attestations to policies, and how to create and associate risks to policy exceptions.


Type: Self-paced

Learn how to configure weighted questions for an objective and create a repeatable risk assessment process.


Type: Self-paced

Learn to build an IT asset hierarchy for streamlined management of multiple assets. Identify and manage risks, controls, and related documents for the entire asset stack. 

Type: Self-paced

Learn how to scan a website for cookies and tracking technologies and create banners and preference screens to empower website visitors in controlling their online traffic.


Type: Instructor-led

Learn to enhance your first-party data collection by crafting web forms tailored to your digital experiences, ensuring seamless user interaction. After creating the web form, test it from an end-user perspective and review the results, known as data subject records, in the admin console.


Type: Self-paced

Learn how to create an automated data subject request form and workflow.


Type: Instructor-led

Learn how to build custom approval workflows with designated approvers for each stage and dynamic routing rules to automate the assessment approval workflow process.


Type: Self-paced

Learn how to capture data flows and store important context about the transfer such as the business purpose/process involved, safeguards for transfer, and the data elements involved.


Type: Self-paced

Utilize a pre-configured Dow Jones integration to access and evaluate third-party due diligence data. Develop a workflow that optimizes the Dow Jones integration for obtaining necessary third-party due diligence data.


Type: Self-paced