Streamline your Privacy, Security and Governance Programs in Spain

OneTrust helps you get started with the automation, workflows, and record-keeping needed to operationalize the privacy, security, and trust programs of your business in Spain and comply with local regulations such as the LOPD-GDD, the LSSI, or the ENS, and hundreds of the world’s privacy laws and security frameworks. 

OneTrust is backed by OneTrust DataGuidance™ , a privacy and security regulatory research platform powered by more than two decades of global privacy law research, and OneTrust Athena™, AI and Robotic Automation to Power Your Compliance Program.

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How OneTrust can help your business in Spain

Powered by 120 awarded patents, our platform drives innovative compliance programs for companies of all sizes across the globe

Automatisation to streamline your privacy program

Discover how OneTrust privacy can help:

  • – Comply with the LOPD-GDD, GDPR, and many other privacy laws
  • – Automate the intake and fulfillment of privacy right requests
  • – Simplify compliance program decision making with powerful dashboards
  • – Leverage intelligent risk mitigation to identify and address risks faster
Consent choice preferences for users

Consent & Preference Management

Protect your Marketable Universe:

  • – Comply with the Spanish LSSI and ePrivacy
  • – Build customer trust by being transparent with data usage
  • – Build detailed audit trails of engagements and opt-in/outs
  • – Drive opt-in demand with granular preferences across channels

Monitor and automatise your vendor risk program

Monitor and automate your vendor risk program:

  • – Empower your team with shared vendor risk assessment, security and compliance research, and ongoing vendor monitoring
  • – Complete more vendor risk assessments in less time and with less effort by enlisting and dedicated assessment assistant to send and retrieve assessments for you
  • – DataGuidance alerts you to breaches, regulatory enforcements, and changes to vendor risks
  • – Workflow automation engine and out-of-the-box plugins for over 500+ technologies
Vendor list from IAB

The Industry Leading CMP for Publishers

Learn of OneTrust can help:

  • – Automate Global Compliance: Simplify compliance with GDPR, ePrivacy, IAB Europe TCF v2.o, DAA AdChoices and 100s of others
  • – Capture first-party data directly from your customers to build trust and transparency
  • – Segment audiences based on languages, regions and first-party user preferences
  • – Web browser, mobile, AMP and OTT platforms supported

This is what our customers say about us

“We needed a tool that would allow us to have inventories and tracings of all the treatments, tools and suppliers of all the companies of the group. Without a tool like OneTrust the effort was titanic.”

Alejandro Sánchez, Corporate DPO, Everis

OneTrust helps multinational companies as well as small and medium-sized businesses


OneTrust helps enterprises build their complex privacy program across multiple jurisdictions, complying with each local regulation and framework as needed.

Small and medium-sized businesses

OneTrust helps small and mid-sized companies in Spain with the OneTrust Pro solution: a simple solution to help them comply with locals laws.

Learn more about OneTrust in Spain: local guidelines, news and more.

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