Technology to Power Your Privacy, Security and Governance Programs

For companies conducting business in Germany, privacy, security and marketing teams faces different challenges to comply with all local and global regulations, frameworks and guidelines. Most companies – small or big sized – are using multiple tools to try to keep all records up to date which often creates more work and little benefit.

With OneTrust, your teams get the right software to manage all aspects of privacy and security across team. Furthermore, you’ll get an overview of all updates – based on our KI automated platform – from regulators in each federal state of Germany as well as country wide changes or even outside Germany in case of an international company.

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How OneTrust can help your team

Become compliant with local and international regulations and frameworks in your Privacy, Security and Marketing Team.

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Privacy, Legal, Compliance

Build your Privacy Program Management with OneTrust Privacy:

Operationalize privacy by design, PIAs, DPIAs to achieve and maintain compliance.

Maintain an evergreen map of data flows and complete records of processing.

Central repository of research, regulatory guidance, best practices and news.

Automatically find and retrieve data from your IT Systems to fulfil data subject requests.

Digital & Marketing Operations

Build your Consent & Preference Management with OneTrust PreferenceChoice:

– Drive opt-in demand with granular preferences across channels.

– Scan your website and collect consent with custom cookie banner user experiences in line with DSK guidelines.

Scan apps to detect where data is going and manage required consent.


Vendor, Sourcing & Procurement

Build your Third-Party Risk Management with OneTrust Vendorpedia:

Empower your team with shared vendor risk assessment, security and compliance research, and ongoing vendor monitoring.

– Save time on vendor assessments with the Vendorpedia Exchange – pre-completed assessments and profiles on over 60,000 vendors.

– DataGuidance alerts you to breaches, regulatory enforcements, and changes to vendor risks.

– Workflow automation engine and out-of-the-box plugins for over 500+ technologies.

Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)

Build your Integrated Risk Management with OneTrust GRC:

– Integrate risk across your business and processes to gain real time insights across domains including IT, vendor, enterprise, and operational risk.

– Streamline auditing efforts with findings and actions compiled along a guided workflow to complete reporting requirements.

– Streamline the policy management lifecycle from collaborate on development, distribute to stakeholders and monitor adoption.

– Streamline breach investigation, improve incident visibility and strengthen issue management.

Publisher & Advertisers

Build your Consent Management Platform (CMP) with OneTrust PreferenceChoice:

– Compliance with GDPR, CCPA, ePrivacy, and 100s of other regulations with ongoing website & mobile app scanning.

– A/B testing to maximise engagement, opt-ins and first-party data capture.

– Performance tracking to optimise monetisation strategies in the age of compliance.

– IAB-registered CMP with support for IAB TCF v2.0.



“As the world becomes more digital and lighting more intelligent, it’s critical to leverage data-driven insights to improve our products, but just as critical that we protect privacy. With OneTrust, we are able to find the balance between data insights and data protection to build innovative solutions and protect the rights of our customers, business partner and employees.”

Barbara Schmitz, Head of Privacy, OSRAM

Are you a small or growing business? Try OneTrust Pro!

Privacy and Security Compliance Solutions for Growing Businesses

OneTrust Pro is a simple, scalable, and easy-to-use compliance solution that helps growing businesses operationalise privacy and security, automatically generate proof of compliance, and build a mature program over time. Using regulatory research from OneTrust DataGuidance™, intelligent insights, and robotic process automation from OneTrust Athena, your business can simplify and streamline every stage of your compliance program while maintaining an end-to-end view of processes. Start by choosing only the tools you need to develop a compliance program you can grow into, not out of.

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