CCPA Consumer Rights & Do Not Sell Solutions

Engage & Respond to Consumer Requests

OneTrust Consumer Rights & Do Not Sell Solutions

The CCPA introduces new rights for California residents, like the right to access and delete personal information, as well as the right to opt-out of the sale of personal information. Organizations now need a scalable and efficient way to process and respond to consumer rights requests and must maintain detailed, ongoing records for compliance.

By leveraging the OneTrust Consumer Rights Management and Do Not Sell tools, your organization can pinpoint what data you hold, how it is used, and what third parties have access to it, and manage opt outs relating to the sale of personal information. The OneTrust platform directly addresses CCPA requirements relating to consumer rights and do not sell requests and sets organizations on the right trajectory for supporting a global privacy program.

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OneTrust for CCPA

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New Rights For California Consumers Under CCPA

Consumer Rights

Automate the intake and fulfillment of California consumers' requests to access or delete their personal information

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Do Not Sell

Provide consumers a way to opt-out of the sale of their information, as well as advertising and data collection cookies

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CCPA Consumer Rights & Do Not Sell Solutions

Engage and Respond to Consumer Requests

Consumer Rights & Targeted Data Discovery

Intake and fulfill ‘Do Not Sell’ requests, and consumer requests for personal information access and deletion.

Website & Mobile App Cookie Compliance

Enable ‘Do Not Sell’ on websites and provide an opt-out for advertising and data collection cookies.

Consent & Preference Management

Track verifiable consent and sync across systems to avoid unauthorized sale of consumer data.

Policy & Notice Management

Centralize and distribute policies, notices & disclosures.

CCPA Consumer Rights

Automate Intake and Fulfillment of Consumer Requests

OneTrust Consumer Rights Management

Intake and Triage Consumer Rights Requests

  • Build a CCPA-specific request intake web form linked directly from your company’s website
  • Customize forms to determine if a consumer resides in California and process through a California-specific workflow
  • Centralize all requests into a single queue and define an automate triage workflow for fulfillment

OneTrust Consumer Rights Management

Validate the Consumer’s Identity

  • Enable consumers to attach evidence when submitting a request to verify their identity and proof of residency
  • Leverage various identity validation approaches, including a simple email or phone verification, or existing user login portals or security questions
  • Integrate with identity validation technologies, for example, Experian

OneTrust Targeted Data Discovery™

Automate Fulfillment by Targeting Business Apps

  • Find and retrieve consumer’s data across cloud-based and on-premise systems to assist in fulfilling a request
  • Integrate with common business apps, such as CRMs, Marketing Automation, CASBs, CMDBs, and more
  • Create manual reviews and redaction steps that can be inserted prior to responding to consumer access or deletion requests

OneTrust Consumer Rights Management

Fulfill Requests with CCPA Templates and a Secure Messaging Portal

  • Leveraging built-in CCPA response templates and track against the 45-day response window
  • Enable and track 90-day extensions as well as communicate extension requests to consumers
  • Monitor for excessive requests with ability to limit consumers to two requests within a 12-month period

OneTrust CCPA Toll-Free Number

Automate the Intake of Consumer Requests Over the Phone

  • Leverage a unique toll-free phone number to intake consumer requests using an automated system
  • Utilize a fully customizable greeting in line with company messaging and regulatory requirements
  • Integrate fully with OneTrust Consumer Rights Management, Do Not Sell, and Target Data Discovery solutions

CCPA Do Not Sell

Enable Consumers to Opt-Out & Track Across Your Systems

OneTrust Consumer Rights Management & Toll-Free Number

Intake and Triage Do Not Sell Requests

  • Display a ‘Do Not Sell My Personal Information’ link on your company’s website
  • Provide a custom toll-free number to automatically intake consumer requests via phone
  • Request more details from the consumer using a CCPA-specific “Do Not Sell” webform generated via OneTrust
  • Automate the workflow to validate identity, triage the request, and discover the data in business systems

OneTrust Consumer Rights Management

Trigger Actions Across Your Backend Systems

  • Integrate directly with downstream systems such as internal or cloud business apps that may contain the consumer’s data
  • Auto-block any advertising and data collection cookies on your websites or in mobile apps that are involved with the sale of data
  • Propagate request to any third-parties that are involved in the sale of consumer data
  • Create additional manual tasks for users within OneTrust or in an ITSM tool

OneTrust Website Scanning & Cookie Consent

Update Cookie Banners for CCPA Do Not Sell

  • Update Cookie Banners for CCPA Do Not Sell
  • Display a CCPA-specific banner using geolocation based on the visitor’s location
  • Customize the banner with a different consent model, and include a “Do Not Sell” link to enable users to opt-out of advertising and data collection cookies on your website

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OneTrust Consent & Preference Management

Maintain Central Consent Records & Enable Users to Re-Consent After 12 Months

  • Track verifiable consumer consent and sync across systems to avoid unauthorized sale of data
  • Enable a method for consumers to opt-back-in to the sale of data after 12 months through a preference center or granular selection
  • Maintain central records of consent to demonstrate CCPA compliance

CCPA Policy & Notice Management

Centralize and Distribute Your Privacy Disclosures

OneTrust Policy Notice Management

Centralize & Distribute Privacy Disclosures

  • Utilize a policy and notice scan to automatically find and inventory your existing policies and notices
  • Upload and host your policies and notices in OneTrust for a centralized view to manage and monitor
  • Integrate the policy into your website and dynamically push out policy and notice versions without any web developer interaction

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