Comprehensive Coverage of Data Privacy Laws and Security Regulations

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Global Reach

Region-specific insights span 300 jurisdictions with specialists providing daily updates in 100 languages.

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Largest R&D Team

A contributor network of 500 lawyers, 40 in-house legal researchers, and 14 translators helps ensure you will always have the most accurate information.

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Personalized Guidance

Benefit from direct access to our in-house team of legal experts and tailor your research to focus on core business priorities.

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Same-Day Support

Get real-time updates and guidance on regulatory developments of interest.

Air Canada

Air Canada Enhance their Privacy Program with OneTrust DataGuidance Research

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There are hundreds of privacy laws across sectors and jurisdictions, and this platform allows us to have access to an organized and structured database that keeps us informed and aware of the legal changes around the world.

Anthony Hemond, Privacy Counsel

Simplify Your Regulatory Landscape

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Customize Your Notifications for Relevant Global Regulatory Developments

Create customized email alerts or search on guidance, laws, and regulatory decisions to keep up with breaking developments. Generate personalized reports that can be easily exported and shared with stakeholders who also need to stay knowledgeable.

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Easily Review and Compare Regulatory Requirements Across Jurisdictions

Choose from over 20 comparison charts on topics like Employment, Data Breach Notification, Data Transfers, Health & Pharma, and compare the regulations in your desired jurisdictions. Access detailed information on the jurisdictional and legislative complexities, with over 1,200 expert notes and over 10,000 authoritative documents.

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Track and Interpret Requirements to Comply with Global Data Privacy Laws like GDPR, CCPA, or LGPD

Monitor changing laws and regulations, case law, enforcement actions, and official guidelines with access to GDPR, CCPA and U.S. State & Federal Trackers. Stay informed on the latest global enforcement news, updates, and official guidelines with the Enforcement & Breach Tracker or identify key similarities across multiple regulations with benchmarking tools and reports.

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Collaborate Among Your Team and Engage with Experts

Save and share the content you need to manage your privacy program by creating organized spaces for projects, jurisdictions, and topics. Save specific regulatory content to ensure key information is available to each member of your team. Submit your research questions directly to our team of experts to gain insights on applicable legislation and supervisory authorities’ guidance. Engage in discussions or ask questions specific to your privacy program or unique compliance concerns and receive a response within 48 hours.

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