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CPRA Compliance

Accelerate California Privacy Act (CPRA) compliance

Automate data discovery and categorization of personal information, simplify consumer and employee rights requests, and stay up to date with regulatory updates with our Privacy and Data Governance Cloud. 

CPRA Compliance

A single, streamlined platform for your privacy program

Demonstrate accountability for CPRA regulations and reinforce company culture to value data privacy. 

Understand your data, what is being processed, and the purpose for processing with automated data discovery, mapping, and classification. Scan data sources, identify and manage third parties, and extract metadata so you can get the full picture and demonstrate CPRA compliance.   

Automate employee and consumer rights requests from intake to fulfillment with Privacy Rights Automation. Embed the process into existing channels like your website or employee portal to streamline ID verification, data discovery, redaction, and more. 

Leverage pre-built consent and preferences templates and geo-targeting to ensure that proper opt-outs are being served to California residents. Seamlessly deploy to mobile, web, and CMP channels with the option to integrate Privacy Rights Automation to extend opt-out beyond targeting advertising to other types of data sharing..

Establish a process to ensure proper data security, audit completion, and risk assessments for high-risk data processors. Get the context you need to manage assessments, consolidate findings, and review recommendations over time to demonstrate continuous improvement. 

Stay updated on the latest amendments on CPRA and other privacy laws and take the appropriate steps to remain compliant with our contributor network of over 500 lawyers and 40 in-house legal researchers. 

July 30, 2024

The ultimate consent strategy for maximizing customer opt-ins in 2024

Discover the ultimate consent strategy for 2024! Join our webinar to maximize customer opt-ins, optimize user experience, and maintain compliance.


Privacy regulations are constantly changing. We provide some basic information about CPRA to help you get a sense of this new legislation. 

The California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) is a state privacy legislation that makes a variety of amendments to the requirements in the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). Effective January 1, 2023, it expands on the CCPA by increasing consumer and employee rights and strengthening privacy protections.  

The CPRA refines the definition of sensitive personal information by including social security numbers, biometric data, precise geolocation, and driver’s license numbers, among others. It adds new rights such as the right to rectification and the right to limit the use and disclosure of sensitive personal information and allows a private right of action in the event of a data breach. While the CCPA covers service providers, the CPRA includes “contractors” who receive consumer data for business purposes. The law also defines the sharing of personal information to include cross-context behavioral advertising even when no money is exchanged. 


For more information, see “CCPA vs. CPRA – What Has Changed?” 

Our Privacy and Data Governance Cloud enables organizations to demonstrate accountability for CPRA requirements and strengthen company culture to prioritize data privacy. It automates data intelligence with AI, simplifies consumer and employee rights requests, and helps you stay up to date with the latest rulemaking with the world’s largest regulatory research database. 

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