Vendor Risk Management

Automate the Vendor Risk Management Lifecycle for Compliance with Global Privacy Laws


The CSA-OneTrust Vendor Risk Management (VRM) tool automates the entire vendor management lifecycle, including onboarding and offboarding vendors, triaging vendors, populating vendor information and monitoring the vendor risk lifecycle, all while maintaining records for accountability and compliance purposes.

The tool is pre-populated with the CSA CAIQ framework, self-assessment attestation capabilities using the CSA GDPR Code of Conduct and built-in CSA Common Controls Matrix (CCM).

The CSA-OneTrust VRM tool enables organizations to:

  • Choose from pre-populated CSA assessment templates
  • Modify existing templates or create custom questionnaires
  • Distribute assessments internally and to external vendors
  • Populate vendor information from Vendorpedia database
  • Identify, track and mitigate vendor risks through workflows
  • Maintain records for accountability and compliance purposes

Unlimited Vendor Assessments | Up To 50 Vendors

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In addition to the CSA-OneTrust VRM tool, you’ll also receive access to the following free tools available in the OneTrust privacy management platform:

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