OneTrust Privacy Management Software Free Edition

Plan for the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) with OneTrust Privacy Management Software Free Edition

OneTrust offers a free edition of our privacy management platform to help organizations operationalize their privacy program for CCPA and GDPR compliance. This free edition now includes a brand-new CCPA Initial Planning assessment.


The OneTrust Free Edition Allows You To:

  • Complete the OneTrust California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 Initial Planning Assessment
  • Automate accountability through readiness and privacy impact assessments (PIAs or DPIAs) with questionnaire and risk-tracking workflows
  • Build and maintain data flows and inventories to help meet the record-keeping obligations of Article 30
  • Provide website owners with a transparent mechanism for obtaining and managing consent
  • Enable a method to capture, manage, and communicate responses to data subject requests

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