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Fulfill requests faster with Microsoft Priva Subject Rights Request and OneTrust

Responding to privacy rights requests is a time-consuming and manual process that often requires IT involvement. As new regulations introduce new and complex requirements and as individuals become more aware of their rights, fulfilling these privacy rights requests manually is no longer a scalable solution for any organization. OneTrust and Microsoft Priva have come together to empower organizations to respond faster to consumer and employee privacy rights requests and reduce the amount of time IT spends responding to these requests.

Utilize OneTrust Privacy Rights Automation paired with Microsoft Priva to automate the fulfillment of privacy rights requests. Build dynamic intake experiences, aggregate requestor information held across systems through over 500+ integrations, redact sensitive information before sharing with the requestor, and report on the ROI of automation.

London: +44 (800) 011-9778

Atlanta: +1 (844) 228-4440

Munich: +49 89 2620 1399 1 / +49 89 2620 1399 2

On-demand webinar coming soon...