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Oracle + OneTrust

People now, more than ever, demand greater control of their data, unlocking an opportunity for organizations to use these moments to go beyond compliance and build trust through transparency, choice, and control. OneTrust and Oracle Unity Customer Data Platform (CDP) together empower organizations to deliver trusted experiences rooted in privacy practices – so individuals trust you with their data, allowing you to deliver more valuable experiences and create business value through trust.

Utilize OneTrust Consent and Preferences paired with Oracle Unity CDP to build consumer brand trust, enhance marketable databases, tailor brand experiences and reduce risk of compliance fines. Collect consent, preferences, and first-party data with transparency for users; centralize data for a single source of truth; apply and sync data in real-time directly into Oracle Unity CDP to execute ethical marketing and sales activities.

London: +44 (800) 011-9778

Atlanta: +1 (844) 228-4440

Munich: +49 89 2620 1399 1 / +49 89 2620 1399 2

On-demand webinar coming soon...