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Data Privacy Training: Educate Your Staff, Protect Your Customers

Scale Privacy Training

Leverage the ever-expanding library to deploy online training courses across your organization.

Track Performance

Easily view completion metrics against deadlines, and track performance across your teams.

Report on Compliance

Maintain visibility into your organization’s training to meet requirements of CCPA, GDPR and LGPD.

Awareness Training Solution

Over 30 Training Modules

With an ever-expanding library of courses, Awareness Training provides e-learning from general privacy awareness to specialized courses by function.

Role-Based Training

Provide training to teams specific to their function and their role in handling data, such as HR, IT, marketing, and customer service

LMS Deployment Flexibility

Awareness Training can be deployed standalone within OneTrust or integrated into an existing learning management system (LMS).

Available in 30 Languages

Deploy privacy awareness training to your global organization in their preferred language with support course content in 30 languages.

Performance Tracking

View how teams and individuals are performing, track against training completion goals, and generate reports to show progress or gaps.

Continually Updated

To keep pace with the evolving regulatory environment, Awareness Training content is continuously updated with regulatory changes.

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