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On-demand webinar coming soon...

On-demand webinar coming soon...

Fall Release 2023

Discover our latest innovations in trust intelligence

Our Trust Intelligence Platform now makes it easier to responsibly leverage AI, automate compliance, and mitigate enterprise risk. Discover how our most recent platform innovations can help you build trust by design into your daily operations. 

AI Governance

Introducing a more responsible approach to AI

Leverage the power of AI while embracing responsible practices with OneTrust AI Governance. 

Contextually inventory your AI

Indentify and mitigate AI risk

Govern your AI development lifecycle

Compliance Automation

Experience a better way to scale compliance

Demonstrate continuous compliance across different standards, laws, and frameworks with OneTrust Compliance Automation.  

Centrally manage compliance initiatives

Map evidence across 33+ built-in frameworks

Automate evidence collection

Enterprise Risk Management

Launching strategic risk insights for enhanced decision-making

Image representing enterprise risk management

Identify risk across your business objectives and map cascading impact with OneTrust Enterprise Risk Management.  

  • Prioritize risk with a single source of truth 
  • Seamlessly coordinate risk management activities 
  • Implement a risk framework to improve operational resilience  

Explore our newest platform enhancements, inspired by you

On-demand webinar coming soon...

Find what you need faster

Enhanced navigation and workspaces


Navigate efficiently between related modules with tailored workspaces designed for specific use cases. 

Platform search


View a precise list of records with advanced search, sort, and filtering capabilities across the entire platform.

Improved permissions experience 


Build roles and assign permissions faster with advanced filtering and permission groups.

Streamline your day-to-day operations

Dynamic transfer enhancements


Leverage our improved relationship model for more granular tracking of data transfers.

Streamlined privacy operations


Promote self-service assessment use, enhance efficiency through data mapping bulk actions and DSAR API enhancements, and achieve better control over incident management workflows.

Dynamic assessments


Create tailored assessments for third-party engagements, automate responses to risk changes, and send instant reassessments as needed.

Localized consent action


Leverage user location for a dynamic experience while driving downstream activity.

Consent support for TCF2.2, GPP, and Google


Configure a customizable Consent Management Platform (CMP) with relevant out-of-the-box templates and dynamic consent models based on location, device type, and more.

Increase data visibility with AI

AI-powered data classification


Apply machine learning to lessen manual work in identifying sensitive data in documents. Automate retention and deletion rules using classification to recognize data based on content and structure.

Data Discovery review automation


Automate the data review process and improve the accuracy of your classification by tuning and training the system.

Data Catalog integrations


Enrich Collibra, Alation, and Microsoft Purview data catalogs by automatically syncing them with data from OneTrust.

Data Access insights dashboard


Understand what sensitive data you have and how it is shared across your company, including who has access to what. 

Intelligently surface and mitigate risks

Data policy enforcement


Detect data policy violations to triage, investigate, and remediate them by triggering workflows to automate data policy compliance. 

Data policy violation trends


Understand the effectiveness of your data, security, and privacy programs by tracking policy violations and trends over time.

Improved risk data in Third-Party Risk Exchange


Gain immediate insights into your third parties’ risk posture across 125,000 third parties and access enhanced data via Tealbook and HackNotice.

Enhanced Third-Party Due Diligence


Leverage industry-leading research and streamline workflows via our partnership with Dow Jones to access analyst-driven, audit-ready risk evaluation reports.

Third-Party Due Diligence linked entities


Identify and screen beneficial owners during Third-Party Due Diligence screenings against sanctions lists and adverse media concerns.

CSRD toolkit


Get a head start on data collection and reporting for the EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). 

Risk hierarchies


Map the interconnectedness of risk for better context and clarity across risk in your enterprise.

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