Conflicts of Interest and Disclosures

1 hr | August 18 | 8am MST | 10am EST

Webinar Ethics and Compliance

The conflict of interest disclosure process is an integral part of any company’s ethics and compliance program. However, if the process of collecting, reviewing, and responding to disclosures is not designed effectively, it can lead to gaps that turn into major threats for an organization. Join this roundtable with your peers and experts in ethics and compliance to discuss how to build a successful conflict of interest management program that will provide you with better insight into risk within your company. 


Discussion will Include: 

  • How regulators mandate internal controls for different types of employee disclosure, including AFA’s recently published guide to preventing conflicts of interests 
  • The tools and techniques organizations are using to proactively identify and then appropriately address mergers and acquisitions, outside activities, gifts, travel, and entertainment and other conflicts of interest 
  • How remote working is impacting the need to have clear, transparent tracking and disclosure methods as part of a healthy ethics and compliance program       

Why Attend: 

  • Learn pain points and best practices from experts and your peers while also discussing opportunities  
  • Gain access to unparalleled resources to assess and evolve your program, including a comprehensive disclosure form template  
  • A support network of ethics and compliance colleagues to lean on after the event concludes and resources to help you be successful 


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Lauren Siegel

Ethics Offering Specialist


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