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In April of 2020, the Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) published new guidance on the use of cookies and tracking technologies. It included a report which indicated that changes are on the horizon for businesses who aren’t meeting compliance, resulting in an increase in enforcement globally after the October 5, 2020 compliance grace-period ends. Join us for a webinar in which the DPC will discuss its recent cookies sweep and newly published guidance on cookies and similar technologies. The DPC will explain its enforcement priorities after the Oct 5 deadline, and walk through how your organization can prepare for enforcement and comply with the DPC’s requirements.



Key Takeaways from the DPC Presentation:


• Discussion with the DPC on what was involved in their cookie sweep and subsequent guidance

• Walk through examples of the best and worst practices the DPC found in the course of the sweep

• Dive deep into the DPC’s enforcement priorities


This webinar will be moderated by Alexis Katiefides from OneTrust DataGuidance and features a presentation from Tony Delaney, Deputy Commissioner for Data Protection and Head of Regulatory Activity with the Data Protection Commission, with Elaine Edwards of the DPC’s Special Investigations Unit.

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