Effective Policy Governance and Distribution

1 hr | July 19 | 8am MST | 10am EST

Webinar Ethics and Compliance

A centralized policy management system is key to driving efficiency within your ethics and compliance team. That includes the ability to effectively communicate and distribute policies to your employee population, and measure how they perform. Join this roundtable with your peers and experts in ethics and compliance to discuss how to create effective policies, run effective campaigns and report on each policy’s performance and influence. 


Discussion will Include: 

  • How to get your policies centralized, updated, and polished 
  • Key steps to creating company policies and how to set up an effective policy distribution campaign 
  • How to conduct a thorough evaluation of each policy’s effectiveness 

Why Attend: 

  • Learn pain points and best practices from experts and your peers while also discussing opportunities  
  • Gain access to unparalleled resources to assess and evolve your program, including a comprehensive guide to policy management 
  • A support network of ethics and compliance colleagues to lean on after the event concludes and resources to help you be successful 


The speaker Lauren Siegel's profile image
Lauren Siegel

Ethics Offering Specialist


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