POPIA and PAIA are the two sides of the same coin

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Over the last year, organisations have been paying close attention to South Africa’s POPIA in light of its deadline of July 1, 2021 for compliance, and seeking to operationalise and automate POPIA requirements. The date also marked a transition of oversight of the Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA) to the Information Regulator. The overlap between requirements under POPIA and PAIA combined with a dedicated authority enforcing both will mean companies need to understand the intricacies of compliance with these two key laws.


Join Alexis Kateifides, Lead Centers of Excellence Counsel at OneTrust as well as the Michalsons Team with John Giles (Managing Attorney), Jason Stolzenberg (Candidate Attorney) and Lisa Emma-Iwuoha (Associate) for a deep-dive webinar examining South Africa’s POPIA and PAIA legal requirements and how OneTrust can help operationalising these.


Register now to learn more about:

  • Overview of POPIA and PAIA requirements
  • How to combine POPIA and PAIA efforts
  • How the OneTrust Platform can help with automated processes


The speaker Alexis Kateifides's profile image
Alexis Kateifides

Lead Centers of Excellence Counsel


The speaker John Giles's profile image
John Giles

Managing Attorney


The speaker Akaolisa Emma-Iwuoha's profile image
Akaolisa Emma-Iwuoha



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