Q2 Privacy Review

Resource Privacy Management Regulations

The second quarter of 2021 consisted of many regulatory developments that have dynamically impacted the global privacy landscape. New privacy laws have been signed, including the Colorado Privacy Act, China’s Data Security Law, and Ecuador’s new privacy law. In Q2, privacy professionals also received finalized EDPB guidelines on international data transfers, as well as the finalized SCCs. 


With the privacy landscape changing daily, it is important to stay up to date on developing laws and data protection initiatives. Watch the OneTrust DataGuidance webinar to recap the regulatory developments and impactful privacy decisions that were made in the second quarter of 2021. 


Key Takeaways Include: 


  • Recapping privacy laws that were introduced, signed, or enforced in Q2 2021 
  • International data transfers, finalized SCCs, EDPB’s final supplementary measures, and UK adequacy decision 
  • A glance into Q3 privacy – what is expected to develop over the next several months? 

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