Risk on the Road: Navigating data management, compliance automation and third-party risk

Resource Third-Party Risk

Join us for an exclusive half-day event for practical insights and actionable strategies to manage security risks and stay compliant in an ever-changing environment

Organizations globally continue to face increased regulatory pressure while also required to maintain diligence against increasingly sophisticated and ubiquitous cybersecurity threats. For infosec and other risk decision makers, however, the expectation is to protect the enterprise at all costs while also doing more with less. CISOs, CIOs, CECOs, and other risk decision makers need new and more cost-effective tools to help them drive operational efficiency while meeting the demand of their stakeholders. They need solutions that address their problems end-to-end, encompassing compliance, policy automation, audit readiness, as well as mitigating data and third-party risk.

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Risk on the Road will address critical topics such as Navigating Data Management, Compliance Automation and Third-Party Risk.
During this half-day session, we’ll discuss how to:

  • Build a foundation with your most valuable asset: the data you collect, store, and use
  • Scope, scale and automate your security compliance program
  • Build a holistic third-party management program to reduce blind spots across security, privacy, ethics and ESG

Our expert speakers and industry peers will provide practical insights and actionable strategies to manage security risks and stay compliant in an ever-changing environment.

Agenda topics include:

  • Common CISO/CIO persona challenges, best practices and success stories
  • Deep dive into data discovery topics, know your business, your data and secure your sensitive information
  • Automate your manual processes for better efficiencies navigating InfoSec landscape
  • Build a holistic third-party management program and work confidently with third parties by reducing blind spots across security, privacy, ethics and ESG


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