The Crumble of Third-Party Cookies: How to Prepare in 2022

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Privacy is the next frontier for brand differentiation, led by a trust-centric approach to customer experience. Marketers face a wave of challenges in 2022 as new and evolving legislations are driving the rapid deprecation of third-party cookies, all while consumers are demanding personalization and transparency from brands. 


As a result, we will see organizations building new business models around trust (Trust Centers) to ensure they are collecting consented first-party data, honoring their customers’ preferences, and empowering audiences to manage their own data privacy and engagement experience. 


Join this webinar to learn how your organisation can leverage smart preference management to overcome the deprecation of third-party cookies. You’ll also see a short product demo of our first-party data solution!  

You will learn how to: 

  • Collect customer preferences, consent, and first-party data from collection points and preference centers 
  • Centralize that data into a signal source of truth 
  • Leverage that data to drive personalization, segmentation and ultimately drive better campaigns 


The speaker Alex Cash's profile image
Alex Cash

Director of Strategy, Preference Choice


The speaker Kenta Barrett's profile image
Kenta Barrett

Solutions Engineer


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