The ultimate guide to consent and preferences in the healthcare sector

While trust between consumers and businesses is important in any sector, this is truer than ever for the healthcare sector. This leads to the question – what does trust look like in the healthcare sector? Transparency, open communication, and a two-way dialogue is key to ensuring your organization builds trust. The primary tool required to build this relationship with your consumers is a consent and preferences strategy.

Organizations in the healthcare sector not only have to deal with HIPAA compliance, but other privacy regulations as well for data that does not fall under HIPAA’s purview. Having a consent management platform in place that automates compliance for applicable privacy regulations, as well as enforces it downstream to your other systems not only ensures compliance, but also lets your patients or customers (in the case of pharmacies, insurance providers, and medical device companies) know that their preferences regarding their data are being honored throughout your organization.

With healthcare providers, insurance providers, medical device companies, and pharmaceutical reps, the healthcare industry has its own unique complexities. One factor that unites all these different stakeholders in the industry is the need for consent and preferences, not only to demonstrate to your users that privacy is being honored, but to use preference data to ensure an optimal user experience.

After making sure compliance is taken care of, using consent and preference data to build first party data profiles is the next step to ensure your patients and customers have the best possible user experience. In the healthcare sector this can look like patient support programs, prescription reminders, pre and post operative instructions, effective patient targeting for clinical trials, e-signatures on enrollment forms, and more.

Download this guide to learn more about how your organization can build trust and use consent and preferences to ensure compliance and provide the best possible patient or customer experience.

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The ultimate guide to consent and preferences in the healthcare sector