The Ultimate Guide to PIPEDA compliance eBook

The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) is a federal privacy law that was introduced in Canada in April 2000. Its aim is to regulate the use of personal information during the course of a commercial activity carried out by private-sector organizations.

Over the past 20 years, that have been several attempts at overhauling federal privacy laws in Canada. In fact, there have been two attempts since 2020. One of these was Bill C-11 for the Digital Charter Implementation Act. It was introduced seeking to reform private sector privacy legislation at a federal level in Canada but died in 2021, after failing to pass through the House. In June 2022, Bill C-27 was introduced: a reworking of the failed Bill C-11. Bill C-27 would enact three new acts into Canadian law including the Consumer Privacy Protection Act (CPPA), the Personal Information and Data Protection Tribunal Act, and the Artificial Intelligence and Data Act. 

Even in the face of reform, organizations that fall under the scope of PIPEDA still need to understand and implement its provisions. Download this ebook to understand key areas of compliance with PIPDEA  and how to fulfill them. 

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The Ultimate Guide to PIPEDA compliance eBook