RIP Third-Party Cookies: Why You Still Need a Cookie Banner and How to prepare in the Nordics

March 23, 2021 | 11am CET

In early 2020, Google announced that they joined a growing list of browsers to stop the use of third-party cookies. But let’s make one thing clear: the end of third party-cookies is not the end of cookie banners or consent management platforms (CMP).


With the removal of third-party cookies, organisations will still need a cookie banner or CMP in place to comply with regulations and capture consent for other types of cookies and tracking technologies. Additionally, marketers, publishers and advertisers will need to experiment with other diverse strategies to maximise addressability and personalisation without relying on third-party cookies.


Join this webinar to understand:

  • What are the latest regulatory requirements in the Nordics
  • Why organisations will still need a cookie banner or CMP without third-party cookies
  • How organisations can pivot their strategy to continue to understand their audience, deliver personalisation, and future-proof revenue through 1st party data capture and cross-device consent

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