Accelerate LkSG Compliance

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Supplier Due Diligence and Risk Management

Conduct automated due diligence checks on all suppliers and build a risk management program.

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Streamlined Policy Management

Create, publish, and manage your corporate policy statement as well as document stakeholder attestation to policy requirements.

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Secure Complaint Mechanism

Implement a complaint mechanism to empower stakeholders to securely report human rights and environmental violations.

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Ongoing Documentation

Generate audit-ready reports supported by documentation to easily demonstrate compliance with regulators and share publicly on your website.

Operationalize and Automate LkSG Requirements

Centralized Supplier Information

Centralize Supplier Information for Greater Visibility

To comply with the LkSG, organizations need to implement a risk management method to analyze risks throughout their supply chains. By consolidating your supplier inventory, you can easily identify, analyze, and mitigate risks throughout the supplier lifecycle.

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Conduct Due Diligence and Monitor Suppliers at Scale

Take a data-driven approach to the preventative measures the LkSG requires to make risk flagging and remediation seamless. Leverage our Dow Jones market-leading data integration to screen third parties for potential risks before engaging in business and monitor your third parties for any changes.

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Simplify Human Rights Policy Management

To fulfill the requirements of the LkSG, your organization will need to adopt a policy statement that defines your human rights and environmental supply chain due diligence obligations as well as aligned employee and supplier expectations. Create and publish your internal policy statement, distribute policies to internal and supplier stakeholders, and document stakeholder attestations to set the right expectations for human rights and environmental practices.

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Establish a Secure and Actionable Complaint Mechanism

To comply with the LkSG’s complaint mechanism, organizations are required to ensure there is a process in place and documentation to demonstrate action is taken on complaints. Publish your complaints procedure and enable individuals from internal and supply chain operations to report human rights and environmental violations through a confidential and secure portal.

Risk Dashboard for German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act Compliance

Automate Recordkeeping Reporting for Greater Transparency

Under the LkSG, public annual reports and access to past reports are required to demonstrate compliance. Maintain ongoing documentation throughout every step of your supply chain due diligence and risk management activities. Easily generate audit-ready reporting with out-of-the-box reporting templates and export them to publish and share.

Accelerate time to compliance with the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act with OneTrust

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