OneTrust Announces the Launch of a Free Cookie Compliance Tool for IAPP Members 

Together with IAPP, the world’s largest association of privacy professionals, OneTrust today launched a free cookie compliance tool for IAPP members. Users will be able to automate website scanning, cookie policy generation and visitor consent management with the new tool. 

The IAPP-OneTrust Cookie Compliance tool helps organizations assess compliance with EU cookie laws, as outlined in the ePrivacy directive, and proposed new ePrivacy regulation, by enabling privacy professionals to:

With the upcoming GDPR and ePrivacy regulations, it’s becoming more and more important for organizations to make sure they’re accurately communicating to visitors how their websites perform and provide visitors with choices for managing their cookie preferences.  

 OneTrust Cookie Compliance tool is designed to meet the growing digital privacy needs of IAPP members worldwide and is integrated into the comprehensive IAPP-OneTrust platform already offered to IAPP members at no cost. By registering for the new Cookie Compliance tool, IAPP members get access to the full suite of IAPP and OneTrust products. 

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