Consent and Preferences

Build trusted digital experiences

The demand for digital content continues to increase along with the expectation for brands to protect consumer privacy. Streamline consent and preference management for consumer transparency.

  • Gain insights into trackers on your websites and apps
  • Provide transparency and choice to individuals across all touchpoints and devices
  • Demonstrate regulatory compliance across business platforms 


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Deliver privacy-first personalization across websites, apps, and connected TV 

Audit your websites and apps to identify cookies and other tracking technologies. Control data sharing and data processing with third parties.

High-level overview of a platform's cookies and trackers represented by easy-to-understand pie charts.

Use customized templates to build consent banners that provide a personalized, engaging data capture experience. Give individuals control over their consent and preferences to drive activation across the data lifecycle.  

A cookie notice web banner with an "Accept All Cookies" button next to a set of tracking tech preference sliders.

Honor and act on your users’ most recent consent and preference version through real-time synchronization to key business systems and connected vendors. 

Cookie preference and newsletter subscription form options available in the Consent and Preferences module.

Many privacy regulations specify requirements on data collection, opt-in, “do not sell,” pixel tracking, use of third-party cookies, and more. We’ll help you protect personal data and demonstrate the effectiveness of your privacy program.

The Consent and Preferences module helps you see your compliance progress and review needed remedial steps.

Explore Consent and Preferences modules 

Universal Consent and Preference Management

Capture first-party data and preferences to build trusted data use

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Cookie Consent

Capture and manage user consent on websites

Learn more

Mobile App Consent

Simplify how you manage consent within mobile applications

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OTT and CTV Consent

Enable privacy controls within over-the-top apps and connected TVs

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Compliant omni-channel automation: How to be a responsible marketer?

Customer testimonial

The OneTrust template feature has made it really easy to deploy cookie banners that meet local consent requirements. With just one click we can update our banner to meet GDPR or CCPA requirements.
Prakaash Ojha, Data Protection Officer, VWO
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Our Cookie Consent module is trusted by more than 750,000 websites to build trust with consumers and demonstrate compliance with privacy laws and frameworks like GDPR, LGPD, CCPA, and many more. You can even configure the functionality to automatically show unique cookie banners based on geolocation to provide an opt-in experience optimized for language preferences and regional regulations.

Integrations are key to sending consent and preferences downstream and executing against marketing-consented data. The OneTrust platform provides powerful but flexible workflows to connect to your applications through APIs, SDKs, data feeds, system integrations, and more.

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