Marketers and publishers in France working to comply with privacy regulations and CNIL guidance face unique challenges. In response to the evolution of this unique privacy landscape, OneTrust has taken several steps to highlight our commitment to tailoring privacy and marketing solutions for our French customers.

Ensure Compliance with Local Privacy Experts 

OneTrust has worked hard to provide support to the French market since GDPR went into effect but is now taking that commitment a step further by opening a new office in Paris. This new investment offers support to French customers in several ways:

  • Proven Implementation Methodology and Expert Team: OneTrust offers flexible options, with more guidance for organizations just getting started to tailoring implementation services around existing templates and processes for already established privacy programs.
  • Local Language Support: All OneTrust programs, research, technology, and services are available in French.
  • French Data Center: Leverage OneTrust’s local French data center or use it in combination with one of OneTrust’s 10 global data center locations.
  • French Language Virtual Events: Stay on top of the latest privacy, marketing, and compliance trends with OneTrust’s virtual event series – specifically tailored to meet the needs and interests of the French audience.
  • Local French Office: OneTrust’s presence in Paris will give customers access to local sales, engineering, and support resources in France. OneTrust’s office is currently virtual as the team works from home in Paris and will move into a physical office at a later date.

Build Trust Through Preference Management  

OneTrust has also been busy behind the scenes working to develop and release new solutions and technology to further support French customers. The French privacy community has highlighted their commitment to building transparency and trust with data subjects and customers. In response to this OneTrust has developed technology that meets the guidelines of the CNIL and assists privacy and marketing professionals build trust through preference management.

  • Consent Management, Preference Management, and Trust Centers: The combination of privacy, marketing, and publisher expertise combine to automate compliance, capture consent, and empower audiences with information, access rights, and consent and preferences choices.
  • CNIL Cookie Banner Fast Track Program: Deploy a cookie banner based on the CNIL’s updated guidance ahead of the April 2021 enforcement deadline.
  • CNIL Privacy Impact Assessments: OneTrust Assessment Automation privacy impact assessment (PIA) technology is officially aligned with the CNIL’s PIA methodology.  OneTrust customers can simplify PIA exercises, benefit from high-performance technology, and leverage the CNIL PIA model with the OneTrust platform.

To learn more about how OneTrust supports GDPR and CNIL compliance or how OneTrust PreferenceChoice can assist marketers and publishers, register for TrustWeek or our webinar, Deploying a Trust Centre to Win Customers, taking place Friday, 30 October 2020, 10:30 am CEST.


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