OneTrust Teams with IAB Europe for Transparency and Consent

Today OneTrust announced a partnership with IAB Europe to integrate the IAB Europe GDPR Transparency and Consent Framework into the OneTrust platform. The OneTrust team is committed to building products that are innovative and privacy focused, so when IAB Europe released its new framework, OneTrust engineers got to work. As the first privacy management software to be on IAB Europe approved CMP vendor list, our customers will get seamless access to the IAB Framework within the OneTrust platform.

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When GDPR comes into effect on 25 May, users in the EU will have a clearer understanding of how their information is being collected for digital advertising. Leading up to this deadline, IAB Europe analyzed these rules to build an industry-standard framework that gives digital advertising vendors a common language around transparency and consent. By utilizing this framework, publishers, ad tech vendors and consent management providers (CMPs) like OneTrust can effectively work together to deliver digital ads to consenting users.

Because of this partnership and integration, OneTrust customers won’t need to do any additional coding or work to build their transparency and consent programs within the IAB Europe best practices. They can seamlessly integrate their existing website privacy notice and policies into the IAB Europe Framework, simplify consent capture and demonstrate compliance across their first- and third-party content ecosystem.

Learn more about OneTrust Consent for Publishers, click here or read our press release.

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