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Is your business ready for CCPA? Let one of our privacy solution experts take you on a deep dive tour of our purpose-built suite of technology solutions for operationalizing and automating CCPA requirements across Do Not Sell, Consumer Rights and privacy governance operations. We will also cover our CCPA research and readiness tools, available professional services offerings, and how you can join our global community of privacy professionals.

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CCPA Privacy Management Software

Operationalize and Automate CCPA Requirements

CCPA Consumer Rights & Do Not Sell Solutions

Engage and Respond to Consumer Requests

Consumer Rights & Targeted Data Discovery

Intake and fulfill ‘Do Not Sale’ requests, and consumer requests for personal information access and deletion.

Website & Mobile App Cookie Compliance

Enable ‘Do Not Sale’ on websites and provide an opt-out for advertising and data collection cookies.

Consent & Preference Management

Track verifiable consent and sync across systems to avoid unauthorized sale of consumer data.

Policy & Notice Management

Centralize and distribute policies, notices & disclosures.

CCPA Privacy Governance Solutions

Map Data Flows for Ongoing Compliance

Data Inventory & Mapping

Map CCPA data flows for California consumer data flows and meet CCPA ‘look back’ requirements.

Assessment Automation

Distribute CCPA-based PIAs and PbD to verify ongoing processes meet requirements and keep data map updated.

Incident & Breach Response

Meet California & US breach notification rules, and over 300 international and state regulations, all built-in to OneTrust.

Vendor Risk Management

Assess vendors against CCPA requirements, and efficiently navigate CCPA ‘cure periods’.