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Next steps in a cookieless world

The Consent and Preferences module helps you see your compliance progress and review needed remedial steps.

The elimination of third-party cookies in 2023 presents challenges for creating hyper-targeted, measurable campaigns. OneTrust can help your organization deliver the personalization that drives measurable results and a loyal customer base, by:

  • Provide Better Transparency: As third-party cookies are deprecated, the most valuable component to your work will be building trust with customers through transparency and a better understanding of what they want.
  • Offer a Clear Value Exchange: Building authentic relationships starts with clear value exchange, asking customers for the right data at the right time and being transparent about the benefits and considerations of providing that data.
  • Discover New Audiences: Implement more advanced authentication strategies that support retargeting and suppression, such as choosing a market identifier that integrates with your consent and preference centers.

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On-demand webinar coming soon...