Automate Your GRC Processes with Intuitive Policy Management Software

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Centralize the Policy Lifecycle

Work from a single source of truth to create, distribute, measure, and maintain policies.

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Simplify Collaboration

Eliminate manual effort with policy templates, workflows, and automation.

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Track Policy Effectiveness

Gain real-time visibility across policy status, attestations, exceptions, and coverage across the business.

Guide Organizational Culture with Effective Policy Management

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Streamline Policy Development and Review

Centralize collaboration between policy contributors and reviewers with out-of-the-box workflows, a seamless Microsoft Word integration, and notifications to keep everyone on track. View the most recent revisions applied to policies within a development cycle and track summary updates from one policy version to the next, referencing archived policies when needed.

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Access a Policy Gallery and Leverage Templates

Access a library of more than fifty ready-to-use security policies from industry-leading risk management organizations like the SANS Institute. Create policy templates to standardize policy structure.

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Launch Policy Attestation Campaigns

Track policy attestation for individuals, business units, or external stakeholders. Quickly identify policies below their target attestation and automate reminders to non-compliant employees. Execute global attestation campaigns more effectively with policy localization.

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Manage Policy Exceptions

Allow employees to request temporary exemptions from complying with company policies, procedures, or standards. Capture the rationale, comments, and evidence to support the acceptance or rejection of a policy exception request. Undercover trends and opportunities for improvement through exception tracking.

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Put Policy Maintenance on Autopilot

Set a policy expiration date to flag non-compliant policies, and automatically kick off the review cycle on a policy periodically. Generate evergreen policy links to maintain the latest version across private and public-facing domains.

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Create Policy Relationships to Improve Governance

Understand relationships across your broader risk and compliance profile by linking related assets, procedures, standards, and controls across policies, procedures, and standards. Report on compliance coverage across policies.

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