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Policy Management

Streamline your policy management lifecycle

Draft and review policies, track attestations, and manage exceptions with our policy management software.

  • Centralize your library of policies, procedures, and standards
  • Collaborate across all policy stakeholders more effectively in a single platform
  • Optimize the policy lifecycle with ready-to-use templates, workflows, and real-time reporting

Realtime reporting from the Hero Enterprise Policy Management module can display the number of an organization's policies, the amount of active attestations, and a bar graph of policies by workflow stage.

Stay compliant and optimize your policy management processes 

Optimize collaboration between policy contributors and reviewers with robust workflows, a seamless Microsoft integration and automated notifications. Take version control to the next level with major and minor version publishing options. 

Policy details that show metadata for a policy, its draft versions, and a status indicator.

Track policy attestation for individuals, business units, or regions – however you structure your organization. Quickly identify policies below their target attestation and automate reminders to non-compliant employees across your global workforce. 

User interface (UI) for the attestation campaign feature from the Enterprise Policy Management solution, tracking how many employees have responded to a policy.

Allow employees to request temporary exemptions from complying with company policies, procedures, or standards. Capture the rationale, comments, and evidence to support the acceptance or rejection of a policy exception request. Track with a purpose-built workflow. 

Form that allows a manager to exempt an employee from a policy; fields include employee name, approver, reason for exemption, and the organization responding.

Set a policy expiration date to flag non-compliant existing policies, and automatically kick off the review cycle. Generate evergreen policy links to maintain the latest version across private and public-facing domains.

Form where a manager could set up a workflow that would automatically trigger once certain conditions are met.

Understand relationships across your broader risk management and regulatory compliance profile by linking related assets, procedures, standards, and controls across policies, procedures, and standards. Report on risk and compliance across policies.

An example list of assets that are linked to organizations and locations.

September 06, 2023

EU-US DPF: What next for UK businesses?

Join our expert webinar as we discuss the upcoming UK-US DPF Extension and what UK businesses need to prepare to become DPF-certified.

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