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On-demand webinar coming soon...

On-demand webinar coming soon...

Spring Release 2024

Unlock the value of data and AI with our latest platform release

Our new capabilities are designed to help you accelerate the use of AI through responsible data activation while managing and reducing data risk.

The Discovery review screen in the OneTrust platform

Data Discovery

Enhance data classification and streamline policy enforcement

Gain visibility into all your sensitive data and protect it with automated actions. 

Simplify data discovery deployment

Streamline data discovery infrastructure deployment such as AWS and automatic data source scanning and management.

Enhance data classification accuracy

Gain data clarity with our new classification engine and improve efficiency with duplicate file detection, faster scanning reviews, and seamless integrations with Collibra and Purview.

Optimize for data security and remediation

Uncover and act on potential security and compliance issues with automated policy enforcement violation trend tracking. 

Compliance Automation

Optimize your compliance lifecycle 

Graphic depicting the OneTrust platform dashboard for managing compliance automation. The dashboard features filters, a bar chart, pie chart, and specific numerical callouts to help monitor data.

Scale resources with Compliance Automation

OneTrust Compliance Automation helps you scale your resources by supporting how you scope, execute, monitor, and communicate your compliance posture.

  • Know your compliance posture against global regulations
  • Accelerate action with 35+ pre-configured frameworks
  • Simplify complex tasks for stakeholders across your business
  • Configure integrations to automate evidence collection

Automate evidence collection

Connect to external systems with ease to automatically gather evidence for certification or attestation, enabling proactive real-time audit readiness.

Establish enterprise controls that reflect your business operations

Eliminate redundant records with seamless control implementations that span the entire enterprise, including InfoSec/Privacy policies and Single Sign-On (SSO). 

Manage compliance outcomes

Define and categorize controls by a common desired outcome and analyze controls more efficiently with aggregated insights.

AI Governance

Accelerate responsible AI adoption 

Track projects, automate rules, and stay updated on regulations to enforce the responsible use of AI.

Trace AI projects with our AI inventory data graph

Trace the development and deployment of AI systems and their associated data while gaining visibility into dependencies of AI systems that rely on complex and interconnected components.

Automate AI governance workflows

Automate tasks, risk identification, and standards enforcement for AI projects, models, and datasets, all without needing developer assistance, ensuring efficiency and flexibility.

Track the latest regulatory developments for AI

Track the development of global AI laws and frameworks and identify relevant compliance tasks to embed into AI Governance operations.


Simplify regulatory analysis

Illustration demonstrating the capability of DataGuidance's AI-powered CoPilot to simplify regulatory information for users. The example shown explains the basic information related to the GDPR and users are able to ask questions from there.

AI-powered DataGuidance site

DataGuidance, the largest regulatory research platform in the world has launched a new website experience with AI-powered navigation from OneTrust Copilot. Get regulatory content tailored to your profile to find insights faster.

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Explore additional platform enhancements, inspired by you

Scale your third-party risk management program

Engagements and contracts reporting


Increase visibility into key risk and performance metrics with customizable reporting and visualizations for engagements and contract attributes.

Dow Jones usage dashboard and PDF exports


Track critical screening metrics to monitor available capacity in real-time and more easily plan for subscription term renewals. Share results with stakeholders in easy-to-read PDFs. 

Termination of monitoring


Easily stop the daily monitoring of third parties and linked entities on a case-by- case basis or by using workflow rules.

Third-party AI usage tracking


Make vendor evaluations simpler for better risk management and secure integration of vendor AI. Start AI risk management processes directly from vendor assessments and synchronize data across inventories.

Optimize your consent management experience

Unified consent profile for known users


Easily view and activate cookie preferences and first-party party data tied to the same individual to gain a 360-degree view of consumers, as they engage with your brand in an unknown and known state.

Website tag initiator chain


Protect visitor privacy and ensure compliance with advanced website scanning. Track tag origin and connections, detect unauthorized tags, and manage data usage comprehensively for informed vulnerability updates.

AI-assisted cookie identification and categorization


Decrease the number of unidentified cookies per web scan by leveraging AI models and human verification to maintain up-to-date and accurate categorization data.

Reduce risk with workflows and redaction

Dynamic risk workflow


Optimize IT & security risk review efficiency and ensure data completeness with streamlined workflows and mandatory attributes.

Data redaction for disclosures


Redact personal data from disclosure forms, providing another layer of privacy and security to the employee disclosure process.

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