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On-demand webinar coming soon...

On-demand webinar coming soon...

Winter Release 2024

Unlock new Trust Intelligence Platform experiences

Our latest platform innovations include improved risk intelligence, new AI Governance capabilities, and powerful usability enhancements to make it even easier to build trust by design into your daily operations. Request a live demo to learn more.

OneTrust platform graphic featuring the Data Policy Engine

AI Governance

Enhanced AI risk management

Deploy integrations and automated workflows to streamline AI governance.

Assess AI risks against global laws and frameworks

Understand and meet requirements across various AI risk management frameworks (OECD, ALTAI, UK ICO, NIST AI RMF) .

Automate rules to trigger actions or flag risks

Tailor rules to specific requirements without developer help to promote efficiency, consistency, and flexibility.

Save time with MLOps integrations

Deploy easy-to-use integrations with AWS SageMaker, Azure ML, and Google Vertex.

Platform experience

Simplified navigation and enterprise-grade controls

Image representing enterprise risk management

Work smarter with workspace navigation

Build and scale your trust program with new usability enhancements and advanced capabilities to further manage and control your data.

  • Navigate your workspace by persona
  • Find what you need faster with intuitive search
  • Switch between old and new navigation during preview​
  • Experience consistent, streamlined navigation

Experiment safely with automated sandbox creation

Create and maintain sandbox tenants to test independently of the production environment.

Maintain control with customer-managed keys

Meet cloud services compliance requirements by managing and controlling data in OneTrust with customer-managed keys.

Gain visibility with unified audit activity reporting

Build integration workflows to export and send real-time audit activities across the OneTrust platform with desired security tools (SIEM).

Data Discovery & Security

From discovery to action

Enhanced data policy engine and duplicate file detection identifies risky data and orchestrates remediation actions.

Reduce risk with enhanced data policy engine

Automatically flag violations with rule-based data policies, gaining visibility into data risks and orchestrating automated or task-based remediation workflows.​

Save time with duplicate file detection

Identify duplicate or redundant files using AI-driven analysis and remediate to encourage data minimization, reduce attack surface, and minimize IT costs.


Improved user experience through efficiency and automation

Image representing enterprise risk management

Experience the new DataGuidance

OneTrust continues to evolve core privacy apps with a keen focus on usability improvements, automation, and an improved DataGuidance site.

  • Get real-time answers with our new chatbot
  • See content tailored to your needs
  • Uncover insights faster with smart search 
  • Enjoy improved performance and usability

Interested in learning more?

Request a live demo to learn more about how our new platform features can help you enable trust by design.

Explore additional platform enhancements, inspired by you

Experience 360-degree visibility of user preferences

Unified consent profiles


Easily connect and view cookie preferences and first-party party data tied to the same individual to gain a 360-degree view of consumers, as they engage with your brand in an unknown and known state.

Consent collection configuration


Seamlessly configure collection points with purposes and data elements while adapting consent at the speed of business.

Expanded third-party risk intelligence

HackNotice breach alerts


Receive an immediate notification via the Third-Party Risk Exchange when a connected vendor has new breach information.

Enhanced due diligence


Gain insight into higher-risk third parties with enhanced due diligence screenings across financial risks, reputational risks, regulatory risks, and more.

Flexible skip and show logic in assessment templates


Simplify rule creation to dynamically surface relevant assessment questions to respondents.

Engagements and contracts reporting


Increase visibility into key risk and performance metrics with customizable reporting and visualizations for engagements and contract attributes.

Termination of monitoring


Easily stop the daily monitoring of third parties and linked entities on a case-by-case basis or by using workflow rules.

Dow Jones usage tracking


Track critical screening metrics to monitor available capacity in real-time and more easily plan for subscription term renewals.

Improved operational efficiencies for Ethics Program Management

Disclosure questionnaire defensibility


Ensure accurate and audit-ready disclosures for ethics program management as part of the questionnaire process through a guided employee experience.

Data redaction for disclosures


Redact personal data from disclosure forms, bringing another layer of privacy and security to the disclosure process.

Enhanced HR data integration


Integrate your HR system with OneTrust Ethics Program Management to expedite workflows and reduce the burden on your IT team.

Streamline risk and control assessments throughout the IT and security lifecycle

Control assessment enhancement


Efficiently consolidate the assessment process for multiple controls, with a simplified experience for end-responders.

Dynamic risk workflow


Optimize risk review by using new workflow rules to minimize manual review time between stages and ensure data completeness with mandatory attributes throughout the risk lifecycle.

Ready to get started? 

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