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AI in (re)insurance: Balancing innovation and legal challenges

The (re)insurance industry is subject to some of the most complex and comprehensive data privacy and cybersecurity laws and regulations. As technology continues to evolve, the industry and its products must continue to adapt, against an ever-changing regulatory and legal landscape. This session will focus on some of the emerging data privacy and cybersecurity issues (re)insurance companies should keep in mind when implementing AI technologies in their operations. The panel will share valuable insights into how they have sought to strike a balance between ensuring compliance with applicable laws/standards whilst fostering innovation in the industry.

This webinar is a part of Data Protection in Financial Services Week 2024. Interested in joining additional sessions? View information on the full series here.

Featured speakers

JoAnne Breese

Vice President and Chief Privacy Officer
Northwestern Mutual

Angela Isom

Global Chief Privacy Officer

Francesca Blythe

Partner, Privacy and Cybersecurity
Sidley, London

Thomas Cunningham

Partner, Insurance
Sidley, Chicago

On-demand webinar coming soon...

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