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Fintech, data protection, AI and risk management

The pursuit of innovation and a strong data protection program requires trust in technology and data use.  Companies must develop strategies to earn trust with a variety of stakeholders—consumers, business partners, the market and regulators—as technology continues to revolutionize financial services.  This session will focus on challenges and strategies to build trust in technology and data use to support innovation and regulatory risk management.


This webinar is a part of Data Protection in Financial Services Week 2024. Interested in joining additional sessions? View information on the full series here.

Featured speakers

Alicia Broughel

Director, Privacy Legal

Caroline Louveaux

Chief Privacy and Data Responsibility Officer

Sujit Raman

TRM Labs

Colleen Brown

Partner, Privacy and Cybersecurity
Sidley, Washington D.C.

On-demand webinar coming soon...

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