ISO 27001: 2022 – What’s new and how can automation simplify compliance webinar

Proving compliance has never been so complicated. Between the global expansion of privacy and security regulations and different authoring organisations such as NIST, ISO, and PCI proving compliance can quickly scale, resulting in multiple redundant workstreams. For the different teams involved, translating requirements into routinary business processes, and validating policies in place can be an extenuating task. 

Listen to this session to learn the recent updates applied to the ISO 27001 framework and how these will impact your organisation. In the webinar, we also showcase key areas where business can gain efficiencies to scope, assess, and generate evidence to prove compliance across ISO and adjacent security and privacy frameworks to speed-up preparation for your next team audit and certification. 

We touch on the following points: 

  • Review what’s changed and how this may impact previously scoped ISO certifications.  
  • Learn how automation and tailored guidance can streamline compliance projects at scale across multiple business units and products throughout your organisation.     
  • Identify how to eliminate duplicative efforts through contextual mapping across multiple frameworks for shared requirements.  

Featured speakers

Scott Bridgen

GRC Lead, OneTrust

Jorge Ferrer Raventos

GRC Senior Solutions Engineer, OneTrust

On-demand webinar coming soon...

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