Breaking down Europe’s top InfoSec & Cybersecurity frameworks: Tips to evaluate your current state or next steps

The sweeping implications of the GDPR pushed European-based business to reinforce their security best practices, with preferences for the globally recognised ISO/IEC 27001. But this is only one among many InfoSec frameworks available to help your business measure and communicate security best practices. Depending on your organisation’s scope and objectives, other tried and tested frameworks could help unlock business opportunities for growth or program optimisation.

In this session we’ll break down the ins and outs of ISO/IEC 27001 in comparison to SOC 2, the EU Cybersecurity Act, the NIS2 Directive, the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) or the UK Cyber Essentials as other examples of standards to keep top of mind.  

Join this 30-minute session to explore the emerging trends and challenges in cybersecurity and InfoSec regulations and discuss recently passed laws and certification amendments that are likely to have a major impact on a wide range of businesses, explaining who is covered and exploring the main obligations. 

Key takeaways:  

  • Review the timelines, frequency, and scope of the latest updates across Europe’s most referenced frameworks.  
  • Understand what frameworks might be the best fit for your organisation based on business needs and resources.  
  • Identify framework overlap and program considerations to remove duplication, complexity, and effectively test once, comply many.  

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